The "smurf wines" attack again: will they end up triumphing in our country?


We all know that when something becomes fashionable in the United States (or in Asia) it has a good chance of jumping oceans and ending up splashing other continents. Well, we inform you that no one marries in that country (or few people) if their banquet is not paired with sparkling "blue wine".

The Italian brand "Blumond" is not the first to experiment with bold colors, but it is the one who is making Instagram explode with glitter in glasses. The "smurf wines" attack again: will they end up triumphing in our country?

The controversial fashion for "blue wines"

Realistically and in a wine country like this ... you can't say that the new trendy drink is "real wine". The Italian winery Saraceni, creator of Blumond, defines it as a "cocktail based on flavored wine" and suggests its use for events, wedding toasts, engagement parties, cocktails, aperitifs ...

The color blue, in his case, is justified by the superstition of wearing "something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue" at the wedding. Luxury and glamor in a glass to present an engagement ring.

"Uncorking a bottle of Blumond sends an unequivocal signal to the brain that something special is about to happen. We wanted to create something excellent and unique that had not been created before (sic), and that is exactly this wine", say the Italian winemakers .

We do not want to detract from your project, but Gik Blue wine, which was born at the University of the Basque Country, has been on the market since 2015.

In fact, in a year and a half, Spanish entrepreneurs sold more than 100,000 bottles in 25 countries, something the traditional wine industry did not like, which led them to court for calling themselves "wine" (and for posing a threat).

After an administrative sentence and a fine in 2016, Gik Blue is no longer "the first blue wine", but is now sold as "another alcoholic drink", with "99% wine and 1% must" and fruity flavors , which uses natural pigments (indigotins and anthocyanins) to achieve its peculiar color.

The young creators of the "first anti-blue wine" Spanish, with a great sense of humor, launched the #FreedomOfColor campaign and a petition for signatures on to call themselves whatever they want.

Tuscany in blue

The Saraceni Blumond Cocktail Aromatizzato from Italy apparently uses the Prosecco variety of grapes and leaves notes of peach, apricot and lemon. Already in January, his blue bottles began to gain strength on Instagram. But as the months go by, the #Blumond hastag continues to grow.

#Blumond ... a unique blue sparkling Italian wine that will bring style and elegance to any glamorous occasion! Find yourself in the blue revolution !!! #LiveInBlue "The blue that sparkles on your wedding day" #blumond #saraceniwines #fratellisaraceni #bluewine #somethingblumond #somethingblue #somethingdifferent #winetime #wineoclock #girlsnightout #bluesparklingwine #madeinitaly #weddingwine #weddingfavorstoast

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The Saraceni family's project includes a gastronomic and oenological proposal typical of Tuscany, just half an hour by car from Florence. To its paradisiacal landscapes we must add the "Italian way of life", with its own vineyards, life in slow motion, delicious pasta, exquisite attention and two wonderful restaurants where they practice good food and good drinking.

In the hills of the Chianti valley you have Villa Alinari, from the 14th century, where the restaurant I Tre Pini offers Tuscan cuisine in the old-fashioned way, based on local products.

And no less glamorous is Villa Machiavelli, which according to the family, was the home of the Italian thinker Machiavelli during his exile.

Within the walls of this ancient stone mansion from the 15th century he was able to write the pages of his work Prince. Today the family vineyards are the start of a journey through the most authentic flavors and smells of Italian cuisine at the Albergaccio restaurant.

With this wonderful gastronomic proposal, in the end, the least thing is whether or not the Italian family makes blue wine for North American weddings.

Images | Fratelli Saraceni Wines Official
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