Raspberry macarons: the recipe with which Marta won the final of MasterChef 6

Marta Verona, the winner of the sixth edition of MasterChef, conquered the jury with her dessert of the final duel: some raspberry macarons that were perfect.

This recipe is one of the protagonists of the cookbook that has just been edited with its best recipes and of which we have made our own version.

Everyone knows the difficulty of making macarons at home, so we have added some tips that were not mentioned in the book and that we believe will help you achieve a good result. Of course, if they do not come out at first, do not despair, macarons are capricious and many times they want us to repeat the recipe.


For 4 people
  • Almond flour (For macarons) 260 g
  • Icing sugar (For macarons) 260 g
  • Egg white (For macarons) 100 g
  • Pink food coloring to taste (For macarons)
  • Sugar (For the macarons meringue) 260 g
  • Egg white (For the macarons meringue) 100 g
  • Water (For the macarons meringue) 80 g
  • Liquid whipping cream with 35% MG (For raspberry mousse) 390 g
  • Raspberries (For the raspberry mousse) 200 g
  • Sugar (For the raspberry mousse) 50 g
  • Water (For the raspberry mousse) 50 ml
  • Gelatine in sheets (For raspberry mousse) 6 g
  • Raspberries (For the raspberry gel) 200
  • Agar Agar (For Raspberry Gel) 1 g
  • Sugar (For the raspberry gel) 50
  • Water (For raspberry gel) 50

How to make raspberry macarons

Difficulty: Difficult
  • Total time 1 hour
  • Elaboration 30 m
  • Cooking 30 m
  • Repose 6 h

We will start preparing the macarons. For this we mix the icing sugar with the almond flour, we pass it two or three times through a sieve and add the whites, stir to make a kind of paste and add the pink coloring, wrapping until we see it incorporated and obtain a mass uniform.

For the macarons meringue, put the faces in a mixer bowl. Besides, in a saucepan we pour the water and sugar and cook until reaching 110 degrees. At that moment we begin to beat the whites at the same time that we continue to cook the syrup until it reaches 120 degrees. We then add this syrup in the form of a thread to the whisk of the mounted whites without stopping to beat. We beat at medium high speed for 10 minutes.

Once we finish the meringue, mix 1/3 of the mixture with the macarons mass. We integrate the dough very well and add the rest of the meringue. It is what we call "macarronage", and the point that we must achieve is when lifting a little of the mixture, it falls as a ribbon without breaking. We pour the mixture into a pastry bag with a nozzle about 8 mm in diameter.

We have the dough on a sulfurized paper making small circles of about 3 centimeters in diameter. Bake at 150 degrees for 16 minutes or until they are released from the paper without leaving any dough. Let the macarons cool.

For the raspberry mousse. We put the raspberries, the water and the sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat and crush everything with a mixer until obtaining a homogeneous coulis. We assemble the very cold cream in a hand mixer, while the gelatin leaves are hydrated in ice water.

We dissolve the well-drained gelatine leaves in the hot coulis, allow this to temper, and incorporate the whipped cream with enveloping movements so that it does not come down. We introduce the mixture in a pastry bag and reserve in the cold.

For the coulis, we repeat the operation we had done for the mousse, that is, we cook the raspberries with the water and sugar, and add the agar-agar. We bring the mixture to a boil and spread on a tray so that it gels. Once it has gelled, we put it in a bowl, crush the gel with the mixer and reserve in a kitchen bottle.

To assemble the macaron, we have a raspberry gel dot in the center of one of the macaron shells, we surround it with a circle of raspberry mousse and cover with another shell of the same size. We let them rest for at least six hours in the fridge, even better from one day to the next and we enjoy this wonderful French dessert that will make us earn our own Masterchef among our diners.

With what to accompany the raspberry macarons

If you want to totally emulate Marta, the winner of Masterchef, I recommend that, like her, you accompany your raspberry macarons with a raspberry ice cream, some tempered chocolate foils and a little gold foil that will give it a very elegant touch. And if you don't want to work that hard, raspberry macarons are just delicious on their own.

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