Pairing at the Speakesy and Dry Martini restaurant in Barcelona

Yesterday I was invited to a pairing at the restaurant Speakesy and Dry Martini Barcelona. It is one of the advantages of writing regularly on a blog like DaP. I love it, I will not deny it, it is a luxury that gives me the opportunity to comment on what I found the site, the attention, the experience, etc.

The event has been one of those organized within the celebration, by the one millionth Dry Martini that has been served at the Dry Martini Bar in Barcelona, ​​in which Javier de las Muelas wanted to personally present one of his pairing menus with cocktails.

I am convinced that this type of original pairing is inspired by the great professionalism of Javier de las Muelas and his team, and by his passion for the world of cocktails and gastronomy, when you hear him speak you realize why why the Dry Martini Bar is one of the 10 best bars in the world and why it coexists with the Speakeasy, a clandestine restaurant that can be accessed when the password is known.

Inspired by the secret venues, which proliferated during Prohibition in America, the Speakeasy has served as inspiration for many similar venues around the world.

Next to a metal door there is a bell that you must ring, someone pokes their head, gives you the saint, you return the sign, you manage to enter, go through a narrow corridor, cross the kitchen, and reach the space that makes the instead of dining room and bottle storage of the bar. A place with an original, elegant and artistic decoration and lighting.

From that moment, and perfectly attended by the room staff, the series of cocktails and dishes began to parade around the table, which are part of one of the pampered Dry Martini pairing menus.

Javier de las Muelas clarifies that the cocktail came first and the dish later, the bite being created and designed to complement the drink, a concept in itself, quite different from the usual one.

We start with appetizers and frappés, almost frozen cocktails, to which Javier de las Muelas has managed to give a special touch of flavor thanks to a long maceration process.

Classic - Lola Flores: Classic Dry Martini paired with a toast of brown bread on which a thin layer of dates and an anchovy rests.

Wasabi - Tempura tuna roll: Cocktail with a special smell and taste of the well-known Japanese wasabi, accompanied by a bite of tuna in tempura, washed down with a sweet vinegar reduction and that we must dip in the accompanying wasabi mayonnaise sauce, just right before putting it in your mouth.

Madras - Meat tart: Cocktail with a clear aroma and flavor of pepper, although not at all spicy, which is complemented by a fine toast rolled in itself and filled with an exquisite meat tartare.

Ximz - Fresh grilled foie gras: The taste and smell of Pedro Ximenez wine is the protagonist of the aroma of this cocktail and his bite is a very fresh foie gras, with a touch of iron.

To continue with the main dishes and cocktails, they showed us five surprising and imaginative possibilities.

Apple Spicy Martini - Carpaccio de carn d’olla: A green colored cocktail, with apple flavor, perfectly combined with a preparation of the typical Catalan d’olla carn in the form of carpaccio.

Sharon Stone - Squid with cocoa sauce: A tender squid stuffed and bathed in a chocolate sauce, it is the perfect companion for a creamy chocolate cocktail. Delicious and strange pairing.

Coconut Martini - Scallop Curry: Coconut and curry in the glass, scallops with curry sauce on the plate, delicious.

Carnyvore - Fish Ceviche: The plant jar is a seductive container nepenthes alata, for a cocktail where, among others, the flavor of pisco and the flower of the Sichuan pepper are mixed, flavors that catch you in the back of your throat and that you drag thanks to the bite of the ceviche with which it pairs.

Passion fruit brûlée - Iberian suckling pig: When a cocktail is, a sweet cloud of passion fruit brûlée that floats in the glass and, to drink it you need a teaspoon to help you break the layer of burnt sugar on top and mix it with the alcohol that it has underneath and you manage to unite in your mouth the three flavors with the three textures of the glass, together with the bite of the roast suckling pig that you have on your plate, you run out of words.

Then we refresh the palate with a fruit detail dessert.

And to finish the table and start the after-dinner, we ordered coffee that came accompanied by a white Russian spoon martini, a cocktail in black coffee jelly and white vodka.


Clandestine Back Room Restaurant

Aribau, 162-166
08036 Barcelona

Dry Martini Bar

Aribau, 162-166
08036 Barcelona
932 175 080

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