Markham, a tonic to combine with all gins


They say that Sir Clements R. Markham, the discoverer of the properties of quinine, to facilitate its intake by British soldiers in colonial times, mixed this bitter substance with water, lime juice and sugar, thus giving rise to the Indian tonic water, or what today we call tonic water. Today we are testing a new brand that has just arrived on the Spanish market that bears the name, the surname of its creator, the Markham Premium Indian Tonic Water.

The legend continues, saying that when the soldiers returned to their native Britain, in the exclusive men's clubs where they met, they liked to "show" their fellow members how tough they were, by asking for their drink of choice, gin, mixed with that bitter tonic, thus boasting that they had fought in India. As they say, this is how the famous Gin & Tonic was born, one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

The Markham tonic, characteristics

A few days ago I had the opportunity to attend the presentation of this tonic that took place at the Tandoori Station restaurant in Madrid. As they explained to us, the Markham tonic has been designed more to combine with gin than to drink alone, although due to its citrus touches and fine bubbles, I find it great as a refreshment without the need to add a touch of alcohol. The product is made in England, and is sent to be packaged in our country.

Markham is made with natural ingredients including essential oils and natural quinine. It does not contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives. When you uncover the plate, you immediately notice a slight aroma of citrus and the bitterness of quinine.

Precisely the container is one of its most careful characteristics, since it has a transparent label, with the drawing of an elephant, and behind it, you can see a map of India in its colonial era. Closing the plate, as a seal, different reflections are included in each bottle, with proverbs of Sanskrit origin.

Markham tonic tasting notes

In pure, without adding alcohol, it is a tonic water of transparent color, creamy in the mouth and with persistent flavors in the mouth and nasal aftertaste. The aroma of citrus fruits and the bitterness of quinine are perceived on the nose.

In the mouth, these flavors are persistent, leaving a long and sustained flavor, in which the acids remain more than the bitter ones, which is very pleasant. Those with the longest persistence are lime, pink and orange grapefruit oil and a touch of spice. The bubble is continuous and excellent and lasts about twelve minutes.

To taste them in combination with different gins, a Gin & Tonic tasting was organized, in which we were able to combine Marckham tonic with 4 types of gin, from different origins. We tasted a Canadian, a Spanish, a British and a French gin, and we could appreciate how this tonic fit together and how it was balanced with the different botanical and herbaceous nuances with which the distillates are flavored.

Although this tonic worked great with all of them, in my opinion the most enjoyable mix was the combination of British London Gin and Markham tonic. I also really liked how it worked with the classic balanced Canadian gin.

However, most of the attendees preferred for their Gin & Tonic the aromatic and perfumed notes of French gin, richer in botanicals. It is clear that in terms of taste, each one has his own.

Tandoori Station Restaurant

To make the social presentation of the new tonic, a meeting was organized in Madrid, at the Indian food restaurant Tandoori Station, which put the perfect complement to the tasting with a very pleasant menu in which the traditional dishes of the food of India, they filled our taste buds with exotic flavors.

We start with an assortment of crispy fried foods, consisting of some battered vegetables, some classic samosas and some crispy onions battered in chickpea flour seasoned with a massala or a mild spice mix. To complement the starters, they offered us a tamarind sauce and a yogurt sauce to dress the fried foods and delicious breads naan with cheese and dehydrated fruits.

We continue with different curry dishes, the tandoor chicken with its intense red color, the best known chicken chicken tikka massala, the madras lamb curry and the original spinach and lamb curry that was preferred by most of the attendees, as well as me. After the dishes, they served us a lassi or mango yogurt smoothie for dessert.

To end the event, those who wanted could enjoy another Gin & Tonic, no longer in a tasting format, but the one chosen by each one, with its accessories to suit each one and in which the Markham tonic showed that it had been created to combine with all varieties of gin.

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