One of the largest oil manufacturers in Spain raises the salary of its employees during the state of alarm


The Andalusian oil company Acesur, the fourth largest in Spain by turnover (and the one that bottled the most oil last year), has announced that it will raise the salary of its employees who continue to work during the state of alarm by 10%.

The company, which manufactures brands such as La Española or Coosur, wants to thank the “effort, dedication and commitment” of its employees, who continue with the productive activity in this period.

The company, based in Dos Hermanas (Seville), also has plants in the provinces of Cuenca, Toledo or Jaén, and, although it has given the possibility of teleworking to a large part of its workforce, the production staff have to continue to go to your workplace. And it is to this to whom the premium is destined.

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