Ricotta and ham medallions with chives sauce. Recipe

This recipe was prepared with the second purchase I made at the fresh pasta stall in the Mercado de San Miguel. They are pasta medallions stuffed with ricotta and ham. In this case, the theme was to think of a sauce that could accompany us mainly with the flavor of cooked ham. So I finally decided to make the recipe for ham and ricotta medallions with chives sauce.

Ingredients for 2 people

  • 250 gr of medallions, 15 gr of flour, 15 gr of butter, 250 ml of milk, salt, black pepper, a bunch of chives.

Preparation of the chives sauce

To make the chives sauce we are going to make a béchamel first.

We make the roux with the 15 grams of butter and the 15 grams of flour. We toast it in a pan for 1 minute, stirring and mixing continuously. Let it cold down.

Then we can boil the milk. And we will add little by little to the roux that should be practically at room temperature. Mix well before adding more milk again. So until the end.

We put on top of the fire and we start to cook the bechamel. We add the salt and pepper to taste.

Chop the chives and add to the béchamel sauce.

For small quantities, like now, we will cook for 5-7 minutes.

Processing time | 25 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


We finished our recipe for ricotta and ham medallions with chives sauce by boiling salted water to cook the medallions. In this case about 4 minutes will be enough. We serve them, add the chives sauce and a few slices of Parmesan (I love it).

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