Medieval, a jump in time

The medieval ones are some fairs or markets specialized in this type of medieval environment. They are characterized by the decoration of the streets and the fairgrounds, with flags and clothes of the time. The stalls of the fairgrounds look like jaimas, decorated with shields, flags and belongings from that period.

These medieval ones are organized by companies that, contact the fairgrounds, offer their conditions and their price. The vendor usually pays an amount per square meter of work, with a limit of meters and a schedule to sell. The life of a showman is not at all simple, keep in mind that, for example, the Galician cheese lady spends her life traveling from fair to fair, with her merchandise.

But it is fascinating, I tell you.

Imagine, for a showman, his van is his house, there he changes clothes, there he keeps his merchandise, there he takes a nap and goes with it from fair to fair. Medieval women usually specialize in both edible and ornamental artisan products, all of this as I mentioned before, dressed in a halo of medieval magic.

The organization, when contacting the exhibitors, usually has the ethics of not repeating the category, so that each exhibitor is the only one and has no competition. Therefore you will only see an Argentine steakhouse, some Italian pizzerias, a black man making mojitos, a cheesemaker, some artists in leathers, a cake stand, another one with sweets, perfumes, herbs, miniatures ... there was even a tarot in the last state.

Medieval often includes shows and games for children. Pony rides, theatrics, parades, various workshops, all duly set in the Middle Ages. And the possibility of buying, tasting or admiring curious things that are not easy to see in other places. All this results in a beautiful walk for the visitor, in which he feels transported to another era, in which everything refers to her. It is a pity that these markets are not subsidized a little more, because, in the end, it is often a lot of work and little profit.

Even so, many people are dedicated to this trade of fairground, and specialize in medieval, and travel from town to town, from city to city, offering their merchandise to the inhabitants of the place. I ask you for a reflection, when you visit a medieval or other fair or market, remember, and think, that those who now wear medieval finery, are probably away from home, tired and working hard to earn a living. Like everyone, yes, we are still going to take it into account ...

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