Better to give food away than to sell it off


A couple of days ago we talked about the price of some foods on these holidays and we echoed the spectacular speculative increases in which some foods had become more than 1,000% more expensive, totally unjustified increases.

Well, an initiative in Pontevedra has surprised us and we would love for it to be supported by the rest of the producers, perhaps in principle they would lose, but in the long run they would possibly win. They say that sometimes it is necessary to take a step back in order to advance correctly. We explain ourselves, the agrarian unions of Pontevedra have decided to protest in a singular way by the so large margins of the intermediaries, they denounce that the prices are exceeded 300%, something that they "do not understand" given the cost at which they must sell their products . The solution has been to give away bags full of turnip greens (potatoes), cabbages, rabbit and pork meat to consumers.

In total 500 bags, although it is not the first time that they carry out this type of action that is subject to a clear message, if we practically give our products to distributors and intermediaries, why not give them away directly to consumers?

The truth is that although laudable, these initiatives will never succeed until there is a union between all farmers and ranchers, but they must also have the collaboration of consumers, as Mercado Calabajío told us, "With 25% of the consumers we would not go out on the street this day (Christmas Eve) to buy fresh products, we would see unimaginable prices on many products the day after Christmas (clear settlement) ", it would be a matter of entering into conversations with the different consumer associations in the country.

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