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Rabbit is a white meat, highly appreciated for its nutritional virtues as it has a high protein level and very low fat content, as well as an intense flavor, ideal to take in stews, rice dishes and in many recipes. Today we have prepared a selection for you with the 30 best rabbit recipes from Directo al Paladar.

Surely you have seen on TV the nice advertisement of the boy who calls his grandmother saying that he has bought a rabbit and does not know how to prepare it. The grandmother begins to list dishes and dishes, different ways of making the rabbit, whether in sauce, garlic, baked, with rice, demonstrating the thousand and one possibilities that this ingredient has. Well, these are our proposals.

1. Rabbit with garlic

It is perhaps the most popular recipe to make with this ingredient. The rabbit with garlic is a traditional and easy recipe in which after frying the rabbit with garlic in a wide frying pan, we add white wine and let it cook, until we combine a delicious and unforgettable sauce. If you have never done it, it is the perfect recipe to discover this delicious meat.


For 4 people
  • Rabbit cut into portions 450 g
  • Garlic cloves 5
  • Wheat flour 10 g
  • White wine 200 ml
  • Meat broth 200 ml
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper
  • Medium lemon juice

How to make Rabbit with garlic

Difficulty: Medium
  • Total time 40 m
  • Elaboration 10 m
  • Cooking 30 m

We review the pieces of rabbit removing any remaining skin or fat, season them and pass them through flour. While we do this, we put five tablespoons of olive oil in a low saucepan and brown the five unpeeled garlic cloves in it.

As we flour each slice, we add it to the casserole. Don't worry if they don't all fit. As they brown, they will dwindle a bit and in the end everyone will be able to accommodate. We fry the slices well until they have a desirable color and are well done on the inside. It will take about twenty minutes to brown all of them, turning them continuously until they are as in the images.

At that moment, we cut a lemon in half and squeezed it by hand, distributing the juices over each slice. Add the wine glass and the broth glass and turn up the heat so that the sauce begins to reduce.

Gripping the handles of the saucepan with both hands, -with care not to burn ourselves- we shake the saucepan and give it circular movements. This way, the sauce binds while the rest of the liquid evaporates. In two or three minutes, that sauce has impregnated the slices that are juicy and full of flavor. Sprinkle with a little parsley and put on the table to eat it hot.

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2. Rabbit in salmorejo

The rabbit in salmorejo is one of those dishes with a strong and spicy flavor that are prepared in the Canary Islands, perfect to accompany some wrinkled potatoes and a good wine from the north of Tenerife. Ah! And in case you were wondering, salmorejo is not what is prepared in Andalusia, this is a very typical meat marinade in Canarian cuisine.

3. Rabbit in green sauce

It is a simple and tasty stew, in which the rabbit is very tender since it is first fried and then cooked. It can be done by adding aromatic herbs to give a special touch, as we did when we prepared the rabbit with green sauce in the photo.

4. Rabbit in mustard and carrot sauce

When my partner Liliana prepared this rabbit in mustard and carrot sauce, it took me very little time to make her recipe at home, because I really like these simple and tasty stews. I don't have to tell you that it was delicious and that his recipe is already one of the ones I usually make at home with this ingredient.

5. Rabbit with brandy with shiitake

This rabbit stew with brandy and shiitake is the perfect combination of a traditional stew that is given a special touch with the intervention of the Japanese mushroom that contributes so much to stews. The result, how could it be otherwise, is an unforgettable recipe, one that you will repeat often.

6. Rabbit stewed in Cocacola cubalibre

The first time I thought about this recipe for Rabbit stewed in cubalibre from Cocacola, I had doubts, but you don't have to fear. Just seeing how it looks is enough for you to know that the idea was a success. The meat takes on a beautiful color, with the caramel from the sugar in the drink and the rum gives it the perfect aromatic nuances to enjoy. Do not take long to do it, listen to me.

7. Rabbit confit with garlic and rosemary

This rabbit confit with garlic and rosemary is a perfect second dish to enjoy this time of year. After a vegetable soup or a light starter, everyone will enjoy this meat cooked to the point with the technique Esther uses for this cooking. Try it.

8. Recipe for rice with autumn rabbit

This autumn rice with rabbit that Pam prepared years ago is a different way of mixing rice and rabbit, outside of the classic traditional paella recipes. It does not have saffron, it has peas and it has nothing to do with the recipes of the Spanish Levant, but it has a delicious flavor that we recommend you try.

9. Rabbit chops made in the oven

Although they are very small in size, it is worth stopping to prepare these delicious rabbit cutlets made in the oven. I assure you that they are an ideal recipe for snacking or to serve at a dinner based on many dishes or small bites. Its flavor will surely conquer you.

10. Rabbit on the hunt

I was very surprised by this rabbit hunter recipe when it was made by Manu a long time ago. I had heard the name many times but I had never been encouraged to prepare or try it until I saw its recipe En Directo al Paladar. Since then, it is already a classic in my house.

11. Rabbit ragout in white wine

The ragús or stews are delicious and can be prepared with all kinds of meats. In this case, the rabbit ragout in white wine is the perfect demonstration of how to enjoy a simple and flavorful stew. You have to.

12. Rabbit stew with carrots and beans

The rabbit stew or stew with carrots and beans is a simple and tasty preparation, ideal to serve as a single dish, accompanied by a salad. It is a recipe that you will have ready in about 45 minutes and in which the "roasts" of the rabbit will give an intense touch to the sauce.

13. Roast rabbit with gorgonzola sauce

Rabbit and cheese? Well yes, this recipe for roast rabbit with gorgonzola sauce works great. The nuances of this variety of Italian cheese -both if you choose the sweet as if you choose the spicy variety- contrast very well with the rabbit. You have to be brave and try this recipe that will not disappoint you.

14. Rabbit and chicken fideuá

If rice, chicken and rabbit make good crumbs in paellas and similar recipes, the same thing happens with rabbit and chicken fideuá, an easy recipe to show off and enjoy as a family. It is a good alternative to the classic paellas for those who prefer fat noodles in these types of traditional recipes, ideal for enjoying the weekend.

15. Brut rabbit rice

Another delicious combination of rice and rabbit that Miquel taught us is this brut rabbit rice, a classic Mallorcan recipe to cook rice in a low casserole and get all the flavor out of it. It is a rice with a powerful flavor, which will delight fans of these traditional recipes.

16. Big party rabbit

Recognize that the name of the rabbit of the festival has aroused your curiosity. The same happened to me when I saw Juani publish this recipe for stewed rabbit many years ago. Today I wanted to rescue it in this compilation because it is one of those recipes that is worth trying. Do not hesitate.

17. Rabbit stewed with beer

As with chicken, rabbit stewed with beer is very tender and tasty. To make this recipe we use Inedit beer since it does not contain hops, it does not add bitterness to this dish, suitable for all audiences.

18. Rabbit stew with mushrooms in white wine

Rabbit meat is ideal to take in stews, accompanied by greens and vegetables. In this case, we have made a rabbit stew with mushrooms and white wine, a simple preparation full of flavor, perfect to serve as a single dish. Prepare bread for the sauce that is impressive.

19. Beer rabbit with quince compote

Beer rabbit with quince compote, hardly need to say more than the name of the recipe to give you an idea that it is a dish full of contrasts. The sweet and sour of the quince, the bitterness of the beer and the salty of the rabbit meat, form a perfect balance that I recommend you try soon.

20. Rabbit stewed with cider and rosemary

This rabbit stew with cider and rosemary is a good way to surprise the family with one of those recipes that call for bread. It is a strong and tasty dish, so you will not need a dessert to leave everyone well satisfied.

21. Rice with chicken, rabbit and vegetables

Another way to combine rice, chicken and rabbit is this recipe for rice with chicken rabbit and vegetables that Pam made and that I am looking forward to trying at home. That rice has to have a very intense flavor. It is a dish that I am craving to prepare this week.

22. Stewed rabbit with foie sauce and cognac

I love this idea: a rabbit stewed with a foie and cognac sauce with an unforgettable sauce, full of flavor. It is a recipe by Esther, which she prepared using the rabbit's own liver as foie, obtaining a truly spectacular sauce.

23. Old-fashioned rabbit with mustard

Don't miss out on this old-fashioned Rabbit with mustard recipe since with those two ingredients, a little thyme and a little love you can make those who are going to share a table and tablecloth with you at home happy. Quick, easy packed with flavor.

24. Rabbit stewed with beer and mushrooms

The rabbit stewed in beer with mushrooms and carrots is a stew similar to the ones we make with chicken, which when we prepare it with rabbit, makes everyone enjoy it in a special way. The intense flavor of this white and tender meat is perfect in this preparation.

25. Roast rabbit with assorted mushrooms

The oven is also perfect for cooking the rabbit. This is what Pam did in this recipe for roasted rabbit with assorted mushrooms that has no complications and that manages to get the most out of this nutritious, light and healthy meat.

26. Marinated rabbit with almond sauce

Surely when you saw it, you have thought that this rabbit marinated with almond sauce must be great. You are not wrong. When Manu prepared this recipe, I really liked his idea and soon repeated it at home. I attest that it is a success.

27. Rabbit in almond sauce

This recipe is very similar to the previous one, but this Rabbit with Almond Sauce that Pam made is made without the marinade from the previous recipe. In any case, it is a perfect combination, which you can also make with hazelnuts or walnuts with similar results.

28. Spicy rice with rabbit

To finish, I have chosen this recipe for spicy rice with rabbit that you will see from its title that it is very original. With this recipe for rice and rabbit, we finished this compilation of twenty-nine recipes with this ingredient that you can already see can give us a lot of play in many different recipes.

29. Rabbit with onion curry

As you have already noticed, many recipes that you know to make with chicken can be adapted and prepared with rabbit. Such is the case of this recipe for rabbit with onion curry that Manu made and that I recommend trying to friends with exotic flavors.

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