The best alternatives to an indoor barbecue, without smoke, but with a grill flavor


We are already in the season for barbecues and outdoor lunches and dinners, but not all of us are lucky enough to enjoy a terrace or balcony to prepare the embers. Fortunately, today there are solutions for everything, and we can invest in appliances designed to replicate the taste of a grill indoors.

It will never be the same - much of the charm of barbecues is the whole experience and the environment that surrounds it - but we can obtain more than satisfactory results with the right equipment and products. We are talking here about portable or desktop grills and grills, electric and that do not generate smoke, being their use much simpler and suitable for any kitchen.

Barbecue, grill, grill and smoker: what are they and how do they differ

There are many brands and businesses that use one term or another interchangeably, when the difference between these devices is quite simple. A grill is nothing more than an iron rack on which food is placed to be cooked over a heat source. Grill We have adopted it from English, which also works as a verb, but for practical purposes they are synonymous.

Only the appliance that has a lid will be a barbecue, and, of course, that uses embers as a heat source. If it's electric or gas, it's not a real barbecue.

The smoker is a different device that serves, as its name suggests, to smoke different foods, especially meat and fish. There are those that are used directly coupled to barbecues, but there are also smokers suitable for indoor use, although they will force us to use the kitchen hood extractor. The fumes will be inevitable.

Family meat pack: six entrecote, minced beef and beef, ragout and yearling steaks

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Types of indoor grills

We can classify the different models into several general types:

  • Tilting double-sided grill or grill. Formed by two plates that heat equally, these can be closed on the food to cook it evenly and press, depending on what we are preparing. They are also ideal for sandwiches and snacks, and allow you to save space.
  • Single-sided flat grill or grill. More conceived as a pure tabletop grill, these models only feature a flat surface covered by a grill plate, sometimes combined with a griddle section.
  • Electric barbecue. In a more advanced option than the previous one, we find some models that aim to directly emulate the shape of a barbecue but without embers; There are them with removable or fixed legs, and desktop or portable.

What to consider when choosing the perfect indoor grill

Ultimately it all depends on the budget we have and what we are willing to invest, since it does not make much sense to buy a high-end grill if we are going to give it little use.

There are very inexpensive options that can give us a lot of play all year round, and other more specialized models that seek to recreate the experience of a barbecue at home as faithfully as possible. Size, of course, is another factor to take into account.

Since we are going to cook with electric heat, we want the appliance to offer great power to reach a high temperature, if possible, without excessively triggering energy consumption. The less it takes to heat up, the better.

Almost all models already have a temperature regulator, but it is worth checking that it is included. By not being able to control the embers or the fire directly, it is almost essential to be able to adjust the heat according to what we are cooking, thus avoiding scorching or spoiling the food.

As for materials, it is always advisable to go for the highest quality, robust and durable, avoiding plastic and other more flimsy. Especially important is the material of the cooking surface; removable plate type grates with non-stick coating are much more practical, better if they have two layers.

Also, it is not a bad idea to consider energy efficiency and safety issues, especially if we have small children at home. Automatic shutdown, rapid cooling, anti-heating surface ... each brand can incorporate different measures to avoid scares due to confusion.

Dual tilting plate grills

  • The popular Spanish brand Cecotec has one of the most economical and popular grills on the market, the Rock'nGrill model with 1000W of power. In this case, the coating of the plates imitates ceramic stone -and incidentally comes in handy to play with the name- and has a non-stick coating. It includes a box to collect excess fats and the top cover can be adjusted to the thickness of any food. It offers a good cooking surface, at 10 '' long and 7 '' wide.

Cecotec Rock'nGrill 1000 - Electric Grill, RockStone Nonstick Coating, 1000 W, drip tray, 25.5 x 29.5 x 10 cm

Price at Amazon € 24.90 Price at Cecotec € 24.90
  • In a similar design, but much more powerful at 2200 W, the Asteria model from Taurus promises much faster heating and better heat distribution. The plates are also larger, measuring 29 cm x 22 cm, and can be used both closed and open at 180º, imitating a normal grill. It also includes a grease collector and a temperature regulator.

Taurus Asteria Grill and electric grill grill with temperature regulator, 180º opening, cold touch handle, PFOA free non-stick, 2200 W, 0.02 liters, 0 Decibels, Black / Inox

Price at Amazon € 44.99 Price at El Corte Inglés € 45.00
  • A more advanced model is Tefal's Optigrill Elite, with 12 automatic programs manageable through the digital touch screen. This grill has a virtual assistant that guides you to find the perfect point for each food, especially meats. The machine measures the thickness and the number of pieces to adjust the temperature and time, according to the point that we have selected. It also has a lower juices tray that, together with the removable plates, are dishwasher safe. Includes a book with 26 recipes.

Tefal Optigrill Elite GC750D Grill Indoor and outdoor electric grill, automatic grill sensor, quick seal, 12 automatic programs, dishwasher safe, non-stick, sandwich maker function

RRP at Amazon € 169.00 PVP at El Corte Inglés € 169.00

Flat grills

  • Cecotec also has its electric flat grill model, which in addition to being very economical is Amazon's best-seller and has, in general, good reviews. It does not have a precisely beautiful or elegant design, but for the value for money you cannot demand much more. It offers 2400 W of power with adjustable temperature, and a stainless steel grill adjustable in three heights. It includes a safety microswitch to avoid starting if it is not correctly assembled, and as usual, it has a fat collection tray.

Cecotec PerfectCountry BBQ Electric Barbecue with 2000 W Power and RockStone Coating (Without Legs)

Price at Amazon € 25.00 Price at Cecotec € 29.90
  • This Jata electric "barbecue" is a very simple and straightforward model, which fulfills its basic function. With a stainless steel grill adjustable to two heights, it has an armored resistance and 2400 W of power. It also allows you to add water to a lower tray to give a touch of steam or flavor food by adding spices or other aromatic ingredients.

Jata BQ101 Electro Barbecue Smoke and Odor Free Grill with 2 Levels for Healthy Cooking inside with All the Comforts 2400 W

Price at Amazon € 35.69 Price at El Corte Inglés € 39.00
  • The Severin house has several models in its catalog. The Style Grill 8112 is already a good mid-range appliance, made of solid materials and with a high-quality stainless steel grill. It includes a reflective lower tray that allows better heat distribution, and that also admits adding water. It also has a windbreaker, and all parts are removable to facilitate cleaning. It has a power of 2500 W and reaches 320 ° C.

Severin PG 8112 Style Grill, SafeTouch Enclosure, 2500 W, up to 320 Degrees C, 2m Power Cord, Status LED Lighting, Black and Silver

RRP on Amazon € 89.99

  • Small and compact, but well used, the German WMF Lono 1250 W grill has a square surface of 27 cm on each side. It is comprised of a dishwasher safe, non-stick coated cast aluminum plate with an integrated heating element. It has a five-level temperature regulator and a small drip tray.

WMF Lono Table Grill, 1250 W, Stainless Steel / Non-Stick Coating

RRP on Amazon € 79.00 PVP on Ebay € 84.99
  • Another house known for its kitchen products, the also German Philips, has in its catalog an indoor smokeless grill that works using infrared heat technology.This allows reducing the emission of fumes and also minimizes possible splashes. It applies a constant heat of up to 230º, spreading it evenly over the entire surface of the cast aluminum grill with non-stick coating. It also has a tray for collecting fat and you have the option of keeping the surface hot once the food is cooked.

Philips Indoor HD6370 / 90 Grill, grill, griddle with smoke reducing technology, 1600 W, Grid, Black

RRP on Amazon € 222.86 RRP on Ebay € 399.00

  • Without much difference in operation, but offering greater freedom of movement, we have models with removable legs, such as the Taurus Maxim's Plus. It is a good alternative for those who have free space in the dining room, kitchen or living room, or to also be able to take it out to the balcony or terrace. With 2000W, the total height is 78 cm and the grill offers a cooking surface of 41x24 cm, with the rack being adjustable to double height.

Taurus Maxim`s Plus Electric Barbecue, Plastic, Multicolor

Price at Amazon € 46.35 Price at El Corte Inglés € 54.00

Electric barbecues

Without actually being barbecues -remember: we should only call them that if they use embers as a heat source and have a lid-, the most nostalgic of them can invest in electric models like these, which allow use both indoors and outdoors, equipped with a hood or lid to enhance the effect of the roast.

  • The George Foreman grill, with 2400 W, comes with a sturdy detachable foot that also folds into several pieces for better storage. The large plate has a considerable surface to prepare numerous foods at the same time, being able to adjust up to 15 servings, depending on what we are preparing. The slightly sloped design makes it easy for grease to slide into the lower pan, and the lid is bell-shaped, with a cool handle. It has an outdoor thermometer and five temperature settings.

George Foreman - Grill, Barbecue (Electric Grill, 2400 W, Black, 15 Servings, Indoor and Outdoor) - ref. 22460-56

RRP on Amazon € 119.00 PVP on Ebay € 123.51
  • Very similar is the Tristar barbecue, 2200 W, with a practically identical design, with the exception that the lid is foldable and flatter, and that the temperature regulator is attached to the three-meter-long cable. The grill is cast aluminum with a non-stick coating and has integrated handles.

Tristar BQ-2816 Barbecue Table / Standing, Black, 50x49x31 cm

RRP on Amazon € 136.01
  • Very curious is the bet of the multifunction Klarstein electric grill, because we can not only use it as a grill. With a power of 1600 W, this appliance includes, in addition to the grill with its removable lid, a 24 cm stainless steel pot with a glass lid and a fry drainer. It also has a tray halfway up the foot to place tools, ingredients or food.

Klarstein Multifunction Electric Grill (1600W, Standing or Table Grill, Thermometer Lid, Includes Stainless Steel Pot for frying, fried drainer, Garden Barbecue, terrace, Cast Iron)

RRP on Amazon € 149.99

  • And finally, another multifunctional curiosity: the Ninja Foodi air fryer that also allows it to be used as a grill indoors. It promises results with the same flavor of the traditional grill while minimizing smoke and fat. Features five cooking functions: Air Fryer, Grill, Broil, Bake, and Dehydrate. It is a sizable appliance, with a 5.7 liter pot and a 3.8 liter deep fryer.

Ninja Foodi AG301EU Grill & Air Fryer, 4 Servings, Non-Stick Ceramic, 1760 W, Black

RRP on Amazon € 249.99

Txuletaco 8000 Inferno: the high temperature grill that looks like an oven

The name of one of the great bets of the Spanish company Cecotec does not mislead about its function: this innovative device deserves a separate category on its own merits. With the appearance of a tabletop oven, it is actually an electric grill that reaches extremely high temperatures, up to 850 ° C, thanks to the quartz resistance on the back.

Cecotec Txuletaco Inferno 8000. Roast oven, 2200W, Cast Iron Grill, Stone and Tray for Pizzas, 2 grease trays, Temperature up to 850º, Digital Kitchen thermometer Included

Price at Amazon € 349.00 Price at Cecotec € 349.00

In our analysis we delve into the characteristics and specifications, as well as the experience of use cooking all kinds of meats, vegetables, fish and pizza. It is undoubtedly an investment to consider for lovers of embers who have room to make a hole at home.

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