The best Mug-cakes recipes (and seven beautiful cups to make them luxurious)

You know how much we like quick and easy recipes, especially those made using the microwave, for when we don't have much time to cook. Today we have compiled our best Mug-cakes recipes (and seven beautiful cups to make them luxurious) in case you dare to make them for breakfast or a snack one of these days.

Mug-cakes are biscuits that are cooked in the cup in which they are served, so once the dough is prepared in a bowl, we will not stain anything else, no molds, no oven, nothing, so they are very comfortable . Also, freshly made are so rich that they practically disappear in the moment.

The best Mug-cakes recipes

This delicious cherry and cheese cake baked in your mug is a great way to start your day or brighten up your snack. It is prepared in five minutes and it is so delicious that it will be very difficult not to repeat.

The recipe for the dark chocolate Mug-cake that you have on this paragraph is very simple and will delight all lovers of pure chocolate with intense flavor. You will see how delicious it is when you prepare it.

Mug cakes can be made with many flavors and are always delicious. A good example is this glazed lemon mug cake from Carmen, who also taught us how to make the wonderful pear and ginger chocolate mug cake whose photo you have below.

7 cups so that your mug-cakes are luxurious

Now that you have some recipes to make these mug-cakes, like this chocolate chocolate from Trendencias or this other chocolate and vanilla mug cake that we published long ago in Babies and more, we need the best cups to make it (and present it) and this is our selection.

There are so many models of breakfast cups or mugs that it is difficult to choose. The fun is that there is something for everyone. For example, if you like the design, you will find this mug with a Pantone model -in this case the yellow- very fun to have your coffee or tea for breakfast or to make your favorite Mug-cakes.

Pantone Bone China Mug, Custard Yellow

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If you prefer transparency to see how the cake rises through the cup, this set of two transparent mugs with double layer of glass suitable for the microwave, does not reach 15 euros.

BOQO Double Wall Glass Cups, Glass Mug with Handle, 400ml Set of 2

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Fans of the Game of Thrones series also have many options, because we practically find mugs from all the houses or families of the popular series. For example this cup that says, "I am not a princess, I am a khaleesi", costs only 11.99 euros, like the Queen in the North, to give some examples.

I'm Not a Princess I'm a Khaleesi - Game of Thrones - High Quality Coffee Mug

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You will also love these Le Creuset porcelain mugs, with a special price of 12 euros, in their classic cherry color. If you prepare them in them, any recipe for mug-cake will be elegant and appetizing.

LE CREUSET 91007235060000 1 350 ML Mug, Porcelain, Cherry

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There is so much variety that it is easy to find nice cups that allude to any of our hobbies. For example, we really liked this mug with the motto Keep calm and eat cake, very appropriate for the use that we were thinking of preparing mug-cakes in it. It also only costs 10.88 euros.

Coffee Mug 11 OZ Keep Calm And Eat A Cake Desserts

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If you want to design your own mugs or want to personalize them with messages for each member of your family, you will love these blackboard mugs that come with chalk to draw on. The set of 20 cups comes out for 30 euros, so you will have enough for you and to give to family or friends.

DISOK Lot of 20 Ceramic Slate Cups Ideal for Breakfast, in Gift Box. Children's Cups with Chalks, Paints. Gifts for Boys and Girls Birthdays and Communion Details

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You can also personalize with your names these beautiful mugs full of hearts, to share your mug-cake and your love in a very original way. The mugs with your name come out at 15 euros each and you have to personalize them before adding them to the cart.

ghostee coffee mug - He and she love the kiss of the heart - 2x customizable personalized wish name (no game, one mug)

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