Menu Basko Polita homage to the film Eight Basque surnames

Taking advantage of the pull of the film Eight Basque surnames, the El Pitaco restaurant in Madrid has prepared a menu called Basko Polita in homage to the film, thus offering the opportunity to enjoy a tour of the most traditional dishes of Basque cuisine to the that they come to visit this traditional place to eat in Madrid.

Located a bit outside the traditional area of ​​fashionable places, El Pitaco restaurant is a place well known by friends of good food and where at an average price of around 50 euros per person including wine, you can enjoy great traditional cuisine dishes well prepared by your kitchen team.

The Basko Polita Menu of El Pitaco Restaurant

The Basko Polita menu, a play on words between cosmopolitan and Vasco Bello, the translation of the name, is an interpretation made by the restaurant of the products mentioned during the film, specifically beans, mushrooms, cod, squid, hake, piquillo peppers , crab and ribeye.

For a price of 34 euros per person, they offer this menu a long and narrow menu, based on tasting the eight products in small quantities, -some a bit scarce- but which total an overview of Basque cuisine based on products. Appetizing in small bites, accompanied by typical Basque wines.

Appetizers and wines

To open the mouth, some chistorras cooked in cider and later fried until crisp, served as the first bite. Then came the so-called entertainments, which corresponded to the first four "Basque surnames" on the menu, which were accompanied by Cava Faustino Reserva de Oyón (Alava)

Later, throughout the menu we would have other wines such as Txacolí Txabarri from Zalla (Vizcaya) to accompany the fish or the Tino Lar from Paula Crianza 2010 from Rioja Alavesa to accompany the meat and a liqueur Patxarana for desserts.

Immediately the first course arrived, the beans. Instead of preparing a traditional Tolosa bean stew, we have chosen to prepare a bean cream, accompanied by its "sacraments" - sausage, bacon and cabbage - and topped with a fresh chilli. A good option to lighten a menu that a priori seemed to be very long.

The rest of the menu

The next three surnames or three dishes came together. A cod croquette, very rich in flavor although I would have liked it to be thinner in batter and batter, a mushroom stir fry, intense, exceptional and a correct piquillo pepper stuffed with txangurro, completed the entertainments that we had with the cava.

Then came the produce from the coast, a fish hook in its ink, very well prepared, juicy, sweet, excellent, accompanied by a caked rice that was out of tune with the quality of the menu and a minimal portion of hake fillet covered by a fallen onion, these being the fifth and sixth names on the menu, accompanied by the Txacolí. A pity that the portions are so small, although they make it easier, especially for the less eater, so that they can try the eight dishes on the menu.

Finally the meat dish, the Beef txuletón with Gernika pepper, a well-cooked taquito, full of flavor, of a delicious meat that can only be put as a stick that came in a very small portion, just two snacks. Nothing is further from the concept of eating Txuletón in Euskadi, although it is good for setting up a long and narrow menu, perhaps very narrow, like this one.


As the eighth surname, they prepared two delicious Basque desserts, a classic Panxineta and a Goxua, which put the finishing touches to this walk through the most traditional products of Basque gastronomy, which I attended at an invitation from El trotamanteles.

Menu rating

It is a pleasant menu, well balanced and very complete. However, while in the film, Dani Rovira, -the protagonist-, ends up very full when eating at the restaurant with his girlfriend's father, played by the great Karra Elejalde, in this menu you are well eaten but not full at all . In fact, in my opinion, a little more is made of less, especially when it comes to meat and hake, which leave you wanting more.

El Pitaco Restaurant

Badajoz Avenue 25
Tel Reservations 914 038 862
Average price | 50 euros
Basko Polita Menu 35 euros

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