Canadian tasting menu at El Corte Inglés Restaurant


We did not resist and after making some purchases, we went to the El Corte Inglés Restaurant to enjoy the Canadian Tasting Menu, as we announced. After sitting at a large round table, they took our orders and after some appetizers, the first course appeared, some scallops with coral ceviche style with lime and shallot.

The taste of this dish left us perplexed, the scallops had a majestic white appearance but without a doubt the star was the flavor. The mixture of the ingredients caused a great sensation of softness and intensity on our palate, accompanied by the mixture of lime and coral.

After this dish, we were able to taste the lobster tail poached with vanilla and truffle-scented potatoes with seasonal vegetables, a dish worthy of admiration for its presentation and exceptional flavor. The preparation of the lobster made us feel great intensity and softness on the palate. The truffle-scented potatoes gave us another concept to the traditional mashed potatoes, of course, much tastier. As for the peas that accompanied the dish, a simple preparation but with a great flavor and some marked nuances of garlic sauce, all very good indeed.

The next dish was much more consistent and like the previous one we were amazed at the taste. It was Canadian Bison and scallops with mushrooms, white beans, toasted goat cheese, and rosemary caramel. We did not imagine that the bison could combine so well with the goat cheese, with which they achieved a toasted and creamy texture that delighted us, the white beans most recognized by our palate, they combined perfectly, giving the dish an authentic and genuine flavor. Perhaps the dissonant note in this dish was the scallops with mushrooms that did not convince us, although they were very good, in our opinion they did not form a great pairing with the rest of the dish. The little blue dots that look like glitter, it was onion salt that managed to catch our attention in the first moment, don't they give the dish glamor?

Finally the maple tart with blueberry panna cotta and white chocolate whipped cream made us sigh, really tasty. The presentation, a great color and showiness that caused our mouths to water. On the palate, the texture of the cake could be a little more consistent than we expected, but the flavor could play down. This dessert was also accompanied by a glass of ice cider that intoxicated us with its fantastic flavor.

This tasting menu was really very nice and even more so the price, 35 euros per beard. We were able to enjoy a different gastronomy with a great quality.

After finishing this delicious meal, we were able to speak with the chef of the kitchen of El Corte Inglés in Castellón, Manuel Moreno Sánchez. Besides being a great chef, he is a very close and nice person. Manuel has to his credit no less than 32 years of experience in the world of cooking. He has met great professionals, has been present at numerous gastronomic events, such as Madrid Fusión and is knowledgeable about all the new trends in gastronomy, his preferred technique being dehydration.

The group of chefs that make up the restaurant's kitchen are great professionals who work with a great spirit of creation, Manuel ensures that his team is the first link for the kitchen of this restaurant to be successful. Diego Mas, a great chef from his team was also chatting with us, a very clever young man who was totally involved in this cuisine, who made us enjoy Canadian cuisine.

Many people believe that in this type of restaurant, the dishes are pre-cooked or simply prepared without thinking that the diners are increasingly demanding, and it is not like that. El Corte Inglés uses its restaurant as one more service for the customer, but does not forget that palates are becoming more and more gourmet.

What we do find is lacking is the promotion of the restaurants in its centers, as they have great professionals who work in it and are little known. They are great chefs who work in the shadows and who have, like the rest of chefs and even more than many, very creative ideas and great professionalism.

You have to forget the concept of a passing restaurant, we advise you to go to this restaurant without having to go to the shopping center, simply because you want to eat quality and well-prepared products. We assure you that you will be able to enjoy an elite cuisine cared for and pampered in all its details and you will not have to pay the abusive prices that are usually paid in other large restaurants.

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