Tasting menu on Cod at La Manzana restaurant


After Santi Santamaría's workshop on cod, a spectacular cod-based dinner awaited us. It was a tasting menu created for the occasion by the Santceloni kitchen team, led by Oscar and served by the La Manzana restaurant team.

As I could not expect less, the dishes that were served were quite a spectacle for the palate. In addition to being in a setting as good as the restaurant of the Hesperia hotel in Madrid. Not to say that the service was, of course, at the level of the dishes.

We started with a Esqueixada with Romesco Sauce. For my taste, the cod was a bit salty, although it was within the limits. Made with crumbled cod tail and with a very soft romesco sauce.

The next dish was some Cod Buñuelos, Soldaditos de Pavía and tomato sauce. This dish was a little homage to Madrid with its soldiers from Pavia. The cod at its point and surprising the tomato sauce. Very concentrated, so much that it could be shaped. Being so concentrated, the flavor was very powerful, so with a little bit, each of the fritters was perfectly combined.

The Bacalao Cheek, with the chicken broth, spinach and coriander to which had to be added a roasted pumpkin puree, became my favorite so far. A very intense dish in all its flavors, the cheek is a tougher piece than the previous ones. So we were looking at the different textures and ways of cooking for each piece. The incredible chicken broth and added to the flavoring power of the coriander reminded me a lot of some Portuguese dishes.

The previous one was tasty, but the tongue, cococha and cod tripe with maresne beans was my favorite dish. They were made in pil-pil and in this avocado three different texture levels were represented in the cod. The tripe was surprising, it looks a lot like tripe, but it's even better. The tongue was a discovery, it is a muscle and as such it is harder. And the perfect and delicious cococha. Accompanied by some fresh beans.

For many it was the best dish, although I think I was already too full to appreciate the cod ear lacquered with potato mortar. Very good taste, but maybe not my favorite part of cod. For me it is hard and I prefer when the cod is soft, not to say fluffy. That yes the great taste. And the very original garnish, a very good way of eating potatoes.

For dessert you could no longer put cod. So it was one of the desserts on the Santceloni menu, caramelized pineapple with brown sugar cookie and gingerbread ice cream. A good combination of ingredients, not spectacular in its composition, but we could say that it was a good culmination to a dinner created for the occasion that was at the level of the class given by Santi Santamaría.

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