Weekly menu from May 14 to 20


Once again, the time has come when we must review everything that we have cooked En Directo al Paladar during the previous week. Reading our weekly menu will be a good way to catch up for all those who for one reason or another this week have not been able to follow us as usual.

The usual thing at this point is to start by saying that we will make a menu structured like a restaurant menu, with its starters, its firsts, its main dishes and its desserts, however this week has been a little strange, in relation to what cooked, and it turns out that we have only prepared a cover, a garnish and a fish dish.

The starter has come from the hand of our colleague Minue, who wanted to cook some appetizing carbonara dumplings. Liliana has been in charge of the garnish and for this she has prepared some fake baked potato chips. Esther has embroidered a delicious main dish, a cod with seafood sauce.

The scarcity of salty recipes may make us think that the same should happen with desserts, but that is wrong since we have some more sweets and desserts. The first we find are some cookies with black and white chocolate and the second are pear tartlets with toffee cream. From our lactose-free space we get two more recipes for sweets, some classic lactose-free muffins and a beautiful cherry tart, of course also lactose-free.

Outside the kitchen, but always looking towards her, we have also talked and written about many other things. Among all the posts I would like to highlight a few, such as the one that explains how to bake a cake in a tin, the one that tells us about bread as a basic and noble food and the one that teaches us how to add flavor to vegetarian cuisine .

Finally, it only remains to say goodbye until next week's weekly menu. Bon appetit and good reading.

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