Weekly menu from June 10 to 16


This week it seems that the heat has already broken out and wants to stay with us, so although it seems boring to get into the kitchen, I suggest you take a look at the recipes of this past week En Directo al Paladar, because surely you will find some that you it will be interesting to put it into practice these days at home.

This weekly menu already reflects changes, if before there were plenty of casseroles and meat dishes, now delicious fish recipes and a lot of starters appear, as if heralding days near the sea and meals outdoors.

We start with the first courses and as an example a couple of refreshing salads such as the one with tender spinach, radishes and tuna prepared by Pamela or this one by Miquel, who proposes us his zucchini and tuna salad Isabel. Also, if you never know how much ingredients you should add to your salad so that it is balanced, you cannot miss this article where he explains it to you.

Also show you the following recipes as starters and side dishes:

  • Curry roasted potatoes
  • Smoked salmon, capers and mascarpone pizza
  • Spinach and roquefort cream with béchamel sauce

As I was telling you this week At Directo al Paladar we opted more for fish than meat, but even so we bring you a recipe for one of the most nutritionally balanced meats, rabbit stewed with brandy with shiitake, with a delicious pint.

There is plenty of choice for fish, some very good tuna cannelloni that Maria Jose made, some original squid in cherry ink from Pakus, oriental tuna marinated with orange and ginger with soba noodles from Liliana and a dish from my land that I love and that I wanted to show you how I do it, Galician scallops.

The desserts are never lacking, but neither are they left over. We started with two delicious ones presented by my partner Manu to make with the Thermomix robot, a lemon ice cream and a pineapple sweet preserve. A spectacular flan coca made by Maria Jose and that I would love to have tried, too bad it's so far away.

And also with seasonal fruit and before it's over:

  • Easy cake warm banana and chocolate
  • Strawberry shortcake in a glass
  • Cherry clafoutis
  • Pavlova with red berries
  • Green Yo-Book with apple and Yolado

And if this has seemed little to you, you can always continue cooking and participate with your recipes in the contest that stars Sundari rice to win great batches of products if your dish is the winner. Well with this I say goodbye until next week, I wait for you with new recipes and new suggestions within the weekly menu of Directo al Paladar.

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