Weekly menu from August 11 to 17


How is August going? This week has cooled quite a bit, here in Ibiza it has even rained, something unthinkable in the middle of summer. If the drop in temperatures has something good, it is that the atmosphere encourages entering the kitchen. In case you need a little inspiration, I remind you of our weekly menu with what we have cooked these last seven days.

We start with a light proposal, this grilled mango and squid salad that has to be delicious. So that you can take note of which foods should be eaten, I suggest you review how what we eat influences our mood.

We continue our tour with four appetizer proposals that are most tempting:
* Mashed potato fritters stuffed with spinach
* Homemade spinach and blue cheese croquettes
* Mussels Provençal
* Eggs gratin with piquillo and anchovy

If there is a kitchen that is helpful, it is Italian. In Directo al Paladar we have also presented three Mediterranean-inspired recipes so that you have a variety to choose from: pasta with roasted vegetables and feta cheese, lasagna with mozzarella and green beans au gratin, and rigatoni Alfredo with prawns.

If recipes with fish prevailed on the menu last week, these days we have changed the third and we have prepared two great recipes with meat: beef stew with onions and carrots and pork ribs lacquered with bay leaf and coca cola.

And finally, we come to the sweet section of desserts. To start opening your mouth, be sure to visit the 11 most famous pastry shops in the world. If you are looking for biscuits, both these mini donut cupcakes, such as the gluten-free cottage cheese and almond cake or this yogurt and lemon cake, I assure you that you will like them.

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