Weekly menu from March 17 to 23


It's Monday again and like every week we bring you the weekly menu in which we collect all the recipes published in previous days in case you have missed any and to help you make dishes and menus complete with our ideas.

We start with simple recipes for people who don't want to get complicated. This wild assortment and quail egg salad, this arugula and bacon sandwich, or these scrumptious Jamie Oliver-style baked sausages with assorted tomatoes and chilli are all sinful.

Thinking that Easter is approaching, we have published some very interesting fish recipes such as these original lemon prawns with hoisin sauce and two recipes for cod, the king of Lent: cod in saffron sauce and prawns and cod with tomato.

Let's not forget the garnishes for our second courses. We opted for this Sicilian caponata, which has a look that goes out of the screen, these potatoes in a creamy chives and mustard sauce or the classic white rice.

If you like Italian cuisine, do not miss the types of pasta that we find in Tuscany, and as dishes we offer you these baked macaroni with mayonnaise and this fabulous lasagna calzone pizza.

At Directo al Paladar we are a sweet tooth and every week it shows in our sweet publications, which in most cases, are more numerous. Take into account these tips to make extra crunchy cookies and participate in our All Bran contest to get a batch of products to make cupcakes. Also, don't miss the rest of the sweet recipes that we published in the previous week:

  • Small glasses of cream cheese and strawberry. Recipe
  • Lemon and raspberry cream tartlets. Recipe
  • Evaporated milk and orange blossom muffins. Recipe
  • Tangerine Cream Cheese Cupcakes
  • Apple Pie and All Bran R Flakes

Before finishing the weekly menu we give you some advice: don't kill yourself in the gym if you don't take care of what you eat. We know that it is something obvious, but do not stop reading the article because it is very interesting.

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