Weekly menu from July 27 to August 2. Salads, black spaghetti, stuffed puff pastry and more


I do not know how you are carrying the summer temperatures, but these last days for me have been the hottest that I remember in many years. That affects the meals, because I only want to prepare fresh dishes with little complication. Today's weekly menu meets these requirements, but there are also options for the bravest. Will you accompany me on my tour?

We start with two delicious appetizers, that part of the menu that especially in summer, in which we all usually have more time to enjoy at the table, takes on special importance. We propose you some aromatic Bombay potatoes and a black olive tapenade ideal to accompany this cañada bread or bread with oil.

Salads are common in the summer months, as they are light and easy to prepare. These last few days we have prepared an exquisite American cabbage salad and a lentil salad, so as not to forget the legumes, so important in our diet. Don't miss out on this eggless aioli either if you want to accompany them with a summer sauce.

Another quick and easy option for these months is a plate of nutritious pasta. Who doesn't like it? And also the list of ingredients that combine with it is infinite. We propose two versions with pasta al nero di sepia, some black spaghetti with garlic, baby eels and prawns and also some black spaghetti with scallops and crunchy parmesan. In addition, with a beautiful presentation these nests of spaghetti with Burgos cheese and minced meat.

For those of you looking for more hearty dishes, we can offer you some pork ribs in teriyaki sauce or pork chops in sweet mustard sauce, both succulent. And to lower the temperature after them, do not stop preparing this aromatic peppermint rebujito.

To finish today's menu with some unforgettable sweets, we propose the following three desserts:

  • Lime and coconut ice cream
  • Puff pastry filled with cocoa cream and nuts
  • Light cherry and cream cheese tartlets
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