Weekly menu from October 27 to November 2


One more week our weekly Monday Menu returns, with a selection of our recipes published in the last seven days. Last week was largely dedicated to giving you suggestions so that you could have a good Halloween party and many of our recipes on the weekly menu from October 27 to November 2 were dedicated to that celebration.

But after the celebration, as there were many more recipes than those for pumpkins, spiders and bats on our menu, we are going to dedicate this review to them, in case they were overlooked or you left them for later while you prepared the most terrifying dishes.

Starters and first courses

If you want an aperitif, we suggest some surprising spoonfuls of Cuban rice in individual format. For starters, what better than some juicy and crunchy eggplant sticks? To learn how to fry aubergines without sucking up oil, this practical trick will help you.

We can continue with some broad beans with bacon and quail eggs or try any of the 9 varieties of mushrooms that we recommend to enjoy the season, with the tricks and recipes to get more out of each one.

If you fancy a spoon dish, you can make a simple dish of lentils with foie in a mini version but if you prefer to start the meal with a pasta dish, the recipes that we recommend to succeed are Spaghettoni with cream cheese and prosciutto or the fettuccine casserole with garlic and parmesan sauce.

Main courses

If you fancy meat stews, which comfort you in these first cold days after a peculiar beginning of the other year, this delicious beef stew or this rabbit ragout with white wine will come in handy. Another very good option to take as a single dish is the aubergines stuffed with meat made in the oven, which I love. If you need a little bread, I suggest you this delicious Mallorcan brown bread, which will come in handy for sauces.

If you want to try a delicious and elegant dish, you have to try the Duck Magret with honey and apple sauce or this Ibizan coca with gató and dogfish. For when you don't really want to cook, we suggest this delicious mortadella and San Simón cheese sandwich that will solve your dinner or lunch wonderfully.

Desserts and sweets

As always, we have dedicated a good part of our recipes to sweets and desserts. On the one hand this week the candy recipes dedicated to Halloween were the protagonists and among them we recommend these terrifying apple mouths, the ghostly Halloween brownies or if you dare the incredible and realistic witch fingers for Halloween.

In addition, for those with a sweet tooth we have also prepared some delicious panellets, an impressive cake of three chocolates or a selection of Brownies and other deaths by chocolate, which you will surely like.

Next week we will give a new review to the publications of Directo al Paladar in a new weekly Menu. Until then, we wish you a happy week for which we will continue to give you our best suggestions.

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