Weekly menu from September 28 to October 4, 2009


One more week in Directo al paladar we offer you, dear readers, a summary of the highlights of the week. We have started the month of October, fully into the autumn period, a period that, like every year, confuses us with the summer of the quince which, among other things, makes us combine summer meals with winter meals. Let's do it then.

If you like, let's start with a couple of vegetarian recipes, this tomato, basil and mushroom brushetta or this one, for ovolactees, with a spinach and pine nut omelette. We can continue with a couple of rice recipes, an Iberian risotto and bolettus and this other meloset rice with crayfish.

Let's move on to the fish and seafood dishes?

Much to choose from and as shown by a halibut and zucchini papillote, or this succulent olive octopus that has taken its own, some crabs in tomato sauce that seem to fall off the plate, a comforting and helpful fish stew or an open carcass , horse mackerel on the back.

This week we have a couple of potato recipes, these potatoes stuffed with cod, a classic delicacy or these others, no less common in the Mediterranean diet, roasted potatoes with Iberian bacon and, although some advise against their hodgepodge, I will continue with the meat recipes. Pork and mint feta booklets and a great rabbit in wine.

We are going to wash it all down with a delicious Artadi Pagos Viejos 2004, while we read about the crisis and the wine and move on to the desserts. Let's start with a Guinness cake, followed by a hot chocolate cake in just 3 minutes, some blackberry and almond cakes or a wonderful quince compote.

For the necessary after-dinner some reading, a chronicle of a fantastic restaurant in Madrid, a cheese fair in Ordizia, this other fair in Granada, an idea to read about Moroccan cuisine, or this cheese tasting that will whet our appetite again .

These are just some of the posts that we have offered you this week in DaP. We continue working to bring you much more, about the wonderful world of Gastronomy and Oenology. As always we value your comments and your suggestions. Have a happy October.

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