Weekly menu from October 5 to 12. Starters, side dishes and desserts for everyone


Today is a holiday and we all have more time to rest, dedicate ourselves to our hobbies and spend more time with the family. That is why we have not even painted the weekly Menu from October 5 to 12 to think about what we can prepare at home this week.

Going through our posts from last week, I have found recipes for starters and side dishes, and as always, a few desserts and sweets, although, curiously, this week we have not proposed any main or main dish of meat or fish.

To open your mouth, there is nothing better than a light and flavorful salad, ideal to keep us firm with our post-summer purposes such as lamb's lettuce, basil, mozzarella and honey vinaigrette salad.

You can also prepare some tomato and mozzarella toasts with Bologna mortadella, ideal for aperitif time or for a snack at snack time. Another good option, some mini aubergine pizzas, tasty and very simple.

A few days ago we celebrated Egg Day and to celebrate it as it deserves we show you our proposals for cooking with eggs, from which you will get many ideas to cook eggs with different culinary techniques.

In the rice chapter, this week we have learned the recipe for nelba rice, made with Thermomix thanks to a recipe from MJ who has discovered it for us.

For her part, Liliana teaches us how to prepare polenta medallions with avocado and yogurt sauce, which can be another great starter. As a garnish, he also teaches us how to prepare pumpkin roasted millet and we are already looking forward to trying it at home.

But for these rainy days, what you will undoubtedly prefer are spoon dishes, and this week we suggest a chicken and corn soup with Chinese-style vermicelli, which will warm you up.

For desserts, this week we propose three good options, which will be most seductive to those with a sweet tooth among our readers. (I personally prefer the dulce de leche).

  • Melted chocolate cake with pears
  • Dulce de leche in pressure cooker
  • Plum crumble. Traditional British recipe
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