Weekly menu from January 9 to 15, 2012


This is our first weekly menu of 2012 in which there is no trace of tinsel, roscones or stuffed turkeys, we are already in the normal course of events, that one would say. Contrary to what might be expected after so much gargantuan lunch and dinner, we have started the year with more desire to cook than ever, and this has been reflected in a good number and variety of recipes.

Salads, garnishes, some pasta, and some desserts and sweets of those to remove the hiccups, have been our proposals for this week that has ended, you cannot miss them:

  • Cajun shrimp and potato salad
  • Turkey and avocado salad
  • Salmon tartare with pineapple
  • Ginger Cilantro Pesto Recipe
  • Lactose Free Mashed Potato Recipe
  • Pesto palmeritas
  • Ratatouille recipe
  • Tortiglioni recipe with turkey and pea sauce
  • Meatloaf recipe
  • Wholemeal sliced ​​bread recipe

As I was saying, desserts and sweets come ready to ensure a very well illustrated end of food or snacks. Does it make a slice ?:

  • Pear and banana crumble
  • Four-quarter breakfast cake
  • Limoncello Cookies
  • Oatmeal or porridge with fruit

Nutrition and other aspects related to food have more and more space on our pages. I advise you to review these posts:

  • Dietary fiber, a beneficial ingredient when consumed in adequate amounts
  • The carnivore's dilemma. Is it sustainable to consume meat?
  • Most common types of gelatin and their use in the kitchen
  • Labeling on olive oils

We leave you with a link to all the gastronomic events of 2012 in the Community of Madrid, a calendar that is loaded with surprises.

And since we are a bit bloody, after putting on your long teeth with our recipes we ask you this question: This year are you going to seriously diet? The question of the week. Do not forget that you have to eat everything in its proper measure, let's never stop enjoying good food!

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