Mercadona presents its annual results: it has invoiced 5% more and has invested 2,200 million euros in improving the stores


At a press conference marked by the coronavirus crisis, Mercadona's president, Juan Roig, has once again taken heart from the results of his supermarket chain.

In 2019, the company has experienced an improvement in consolidated sales at a constant surface of 5%, to 25,500 million euros. This is a somewhat lower growth than last year, but it continues to show the good moment that the Valencian company is going through. The company has also experienced an increase of more than 80 tickets per store per day on average, which represents a cumulative increase in three years of 205 store tickets per day.

Roig also explained that the company has increased investment during 2019 by 46%, reaching 2,200 million euros. This injection of capital, paid for by its own resources, is part of its 2018-2023 transformation plan to promote a more digital, productive, socially responsible and sustainable business model, involved in promoting shared prosperity, aware of its responsibility to contribute to improve the social and economic environment.

Last year, Mercadona opened 46 supermarkets, 10 of them in Portugal, although it closed another 46 stores that due to their characteristics could not be adjusted to its new store model. Of the 1,636 supermarkets that the chain has, 800 already have the new distribution. In 2019, a total of 351 stores have been renovated.

Digital transformation and online sales

The digitization of the company has been another of the important challenges that Mercadona has worked on in 2019. With an investment of more than 160 million, the company has completed the first phase that began in 2018 to digitize supermarkets and make them more efficient and productive and sustainable.

According to the company's statement, the digital transformation process has made it possible to introduce improvements in the act of customer purchase, with greater agility and warmth; as well as in the processes of collection and order of the workers, currently with more intuitive and productive tools.

Likewise, with the incorporation of new applications and monitoring systems for the different machines and installations, the company's sustainable development has been reinforced by reducing and optimizing electricity consumption. To all this must be added the investment of more than 44 million euros in the new Data Processing Center (CPD) located in Villadangos del Páramo (León).

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