Mesón Antonio, spoon food in Béjar


Noon falls in Béjar without knowing yet how we got here. Wandering in the intense cold, hunger is with us, and there is little data that tells us where to eat. Using technology, we look for a restaurant nearby, and we see that Mesón Antonio awaits us a few meters away. Without further reference we went through the door and found a simple eating house. A crowded bar and some tables already prepared, still empty, welcome us.

We know that there will be no finesse or new cuisine, no spherifications or experiments, but there is something that tells us that we probably eat well. The letter comes along with some sung suggestions, all of them promise to cure our cold and fill the crop with pleasure. Some tumbled potatoes appear on the table without being invited by anyone, courtesy of the house, an excellent appetizer that begins to temper the spirit.

The service is attentive and direct. Without preamble or frills, notebook in hand they take notes while a jug of local wine arrives at the table in the purest innkeeper style. We choose a Castilian soup (which I cannot end by copious), excellent and abundant with a fine aroma of cumin, served as necessary in a clay bowl. My partner gladly dives into a huge plate of chick peas with tripe that he keeps raving about while there's a pea on the plate.

Second, we both ordered lamb chops, a battle dish accompanied by fries and lettuce. Abundant and good, although the iron point is somewhat irregular.

For dessert, we let ourselves be advised by taking good note of the recommendations, and we decided on a Calatrava flan made in the house. By now, the inn is already full of people eating during their work break. Before returning to the cold, a brief gathering with a coffee courtesy of the house.

The final bill is 22 euros per person, showing that to eat good stews you don't have to pawn your grandmother's jewelry.

Meson Antonio

Traditional Castilian food
C / Libertad nº 22
37700 Béjar, Salamanca
923 41 03 83
Average price 20 euros

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