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I would like to start this post from the book My Recipe Book for Babies by Jenny Carenco with a dedication to all parents with small children or babies and who see them and want them to eat well. And at the same time that they have to put up with things from other lucky parents that their children eat well and tell the first ones that if they do not eat it is their fault, or similar things.

I have two children, one three and a half years old and the other one and a half years old. The first does not eat anything and what little he "likes" is not that he eats it. The little girl eats everything, tastes everything, does not disgust anything. Is incredible. And it is clear that we educate both of them in the same way, we introduce them to cereals, vegetables, meats, eggs, etc., all at the same age.

That said, my opinion is that if a child does not eat the only thing we can do is try to add imagination to the dishes and maybe some of them will eat better than others. The important thing is not to give up and above all not to fall into the temptation of repeating the only thing you eat a million times. Advice easy to give, difficult to follow.

And in that I agree with the author of the book. He describes in the introduction that the book was made thanks to his daughter and above all thanks to the effort of trying to convey the pleasure of eating. That is why this book is full of recipes that are sure to surprise you.

The keys to transmitting the pleasure of eating

The book is a cookbook for young children and babies, that has surely been clear to you. But there is something else, it is that something that I like that books have. I mean, something to tell. In this case, the common thread is given, in addition to the recipes themselves, the advice of Doctor Jean Lalau Keraly. An endocrine pediatrician specializing in nutrition and childhood overweight problems. He indicates throughout the book different tips for lunches, dinners, desserts, themed meals, etc.

At the beginning, it gives the keys to be able to transmit the pleasure of eating. Because, and in that we all agree, the rush of today does not favor at all for children to eat well, and above all to learn to differentiate flavors and enjoy them.

It is vital for him to discover new foods, make food at home and especially cook food well. I am of the opinion, like the author, that some boiled spinach will not motivate a child at all. Especially if they are past as usually happens. You have to learn to make each food in the best possible way.

The cookbook

The book is divided into several chapters. Each one is distinguished by a group of foods and is differentiated by the age at which the recipes are directed. We will have the first compotes and the first purees. The first meals and the first desserts. The first dinners. The first meals and dinners of the elderly with the family. The desserts of the elderly. And finally most common questions and food list.

As for the recipes we will find many and different recipes. I especially like the treatment it gives them, which can be a normal and current recipe or passed through a food processor.

Each recipe comes with its photo. Divided into portions of 100 grams, the time it takes to prepare, the conservation, the steps of the recipe and tips, both for accompaniment and tricks to serve the recipe.

My recipe book for babies

Jenny Carenco Blume 14, 90 euros ISBN 978-84-8076-876-4

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