Potato and tomato millefeuille with pesto dressing: summer recipe


I don't know if it happens to you, but I'm not a first course, second course and dessert person. In general, I go for unique dishes that, topped with a coffee, satisfy me enough. That is why recipes like this potato and tomato millefeuille with pesto dressing are tremendously attractive to me.

It really is a different way to serve the traditional country salad. If we put a hard boiled egg and changed the dressing, it is what we would be eating. At least in my house, where the country salad is prepared with those ingredients, although I already know that there are many variants. For a sample, this potato and tomato millefeuille with pesto dressing.


For 2 persons
  • Potato 2
  • Tomato 2
  • Canned pickled tuna 1
  • Green pepper 30 g
  • Red pepper 30 g
  • Cucumber 20 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil 60 ml
  • Basil pesto 10 g
  • Salt

How to make potato and tomato millefeuille with pesto dressing

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 35 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • Cooking 20 m

We start with the potatoes, which need their cooling time to be able to handle them without breaking. We choose potatoes of equal size to each other, as well as of equal size to tomatoes. In this way, the millefeuille will be much more aesthetic once assembled since all the sheets will have the same or very similar diameter.

Heat plenty of salty water in a saucepan and boil the potatoes, whole and unpeeled, until they are tender inside. This will depend on the size of the potatoes and the type of potatoes we have chosen, as well as the time they have (new potatoes are harder and take longer to cook).

Meanwhile, we prepare the pesto dressing. In a bowl, beat the oil and pesto, with the help of metal rods, until emulsified. We wash and dice the two types of pepper and the cucumber. We reserve the sauce and vegetables until assembly.

Once the potatoes are ready, we remove them from the cooking water and place them in a bowl with cold water to stop the boil. We let them cool completely before peeling them and cutting them into slices of equal thickness. If we have a mandolin, this will be a breeze. If we do not have it, we will use a very sharp knife and trust our good eye.

We wash the tomatoes and cut them into slices, proceeding in the same way as with the potatoes. Assemble the millefeuille alternating layers of tomato and potato, sautéing the latter slightly before placing the next layer of tomato. Sprinkle with pesto vinaigrette, top with tuna and sprinkle vegetables around before serving.

With what to accompany the tomato and potato millefeuille with pesto dressing

This tomato and potato millefeuille with pesto dressing can be served as a single dish for a dinner or as a starter for a meal. It is a good way to eat healthy and nutritious. The potency of the basil pesto is softened by adding more oil and, above all, by mixing it with the potato, with which it goes perfectly.

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