Mini mozzarella calzones. Recipe


This morning it was time to make an aperitif for our guests and I thought that as a good appetizer it has to have bread, well what better than to make a pizza. But better in small size. This is how I came up with these mini mozzarella calzones.


  • 250 g of strength flour, 3 g of instant baker's yeast, 1 teaspoon of salt, 15 ml of olive oil and 125 ml of warm water.
  • Also, 100 g of tomato sauce and 100 g of mozzarella.

How to make mini mozzarella calzones

We start with the dough. We mix all the ingredients of the dough and when they are a not very defined conglomerate we will knead them by hand until they do not stick to us and that it also becomes a thin and elastic dough.

We leave to ferment, and at the time of making the pizza. We take portions of about 10 grams each and stretch them until they are very thin. We put a little tomato and a little mozzarella. Cover with another portion of dough and close by rolling the edges on themselves.

Bake at 210 ºC for 10 minutes.

Processing time | 2 hours
Difficulty | Half


When we remove the mini mozzarella calzones from the oven, we will serve them immediately. They are small bites with a crunchy and at the same time creamy touch.

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