Frankenstein's monster made with kiwi, the healthy dessert with no added sugar, perfect for a Halloween snack

Whether we like it or not, the children love celebrating Halloween, a good opportunity to get together, get scared and enjoy having a "scary" time. In case you have a children's meeting, we suggest reducing the recipes full of sugar, the excess of which is not suitable for children or ourselves. So today we want to teach you how to prepare a Frankenstein monster made with kiwi, the healthy low-sugar dessert, ideal for a Halloween snack.

Actually more than a recipe, it is a job or craft, but do not worry, first because it is very very easy to do and second because the more horrible it comes out, the more opportune it will be for your objective of frightening the guests. Also, since it is made with fruit, it will always be healthier than other recipes full of creams and other usual sugar-laden ingredients these days.


For 2 persons
  • Kiwis 2
  • Salty snack sticks for mouth and screws 4
  • Chocolate nuggets for the eyes 4

How to make Frankenstein monster made with kiwi for Halloween

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 10 m
  • Elaboration 10 m

With a sharp knife we ​​mark strokes on the front of the kiwi, which will be the bangs of Frankenstein's monster. At the back, we make a straight cut resembling the part of the neck of the monster.

We also cut the bottom of the kiwi, so that it can hold well standing. With a peeler or with the same sharp knife, we are removing the skin of the kiwi so that its green pulp is visible, which will be the skin of the monster.

The only thing left is to put the eyes, with two chocolate chips and the screws of the neck (or temples), which we will make with pieces of salty appetizer sticks. Those same sticks are worth us to mouth the monster. Children can help us decorate the monsters, being an entertaining task.

What to accompany the kiwi Frankenstein monsters for Halloween

To accompany these kiwi Frankenstein monsters for Halloween, you can prepare other simple recipes that are low in sugar, which will take a lot that day, such as ghost pizzas, monstrous apple slices or pumpkin and zucchini puree with Spider webs.

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