Monument and tribute to cauliflower

A few days ago I published a recipe for cauliflower al ajoarriero in which I told you about my misfortunes and joys around this vegetable that I like so much.

As a result of this post, I have been able to discover that I am not alone in the world, that my partner Pintxo harbors very similar feelings, especially childhood memories, as well as some of the readers that make up this community that is Directo al Paladar, such as Lauradesiempre, who also prepares it for herself in an almost clandestine way.

Prey of love towards the white vegetable, in the final paragraph I asked for a monument to cauliflower, and what would not be my surprise to discover, thanks to Camachuelo, that this monument is a reality and is erected in Griñón, a Madrid town that was once famous for having the best pieces in the region.

Going deeper into this tribute, Cambá gave us a link to a short film entitled Cauliflower, in which they analyze the strange audience peak achieved by cauliflower-based recipes in a well-known cooking show, giving rise to an authentic national phenomenon extended to football, fashion and all aspects of life. Until like in any good action movie, the cauliflowers rebelled ...

I leave the link to the short, do not miss it.

Having seen what I have seen, I ask another question: and a cauliflower brotherhood?

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