Black beer chicken drumsticks. Recipe

Beer, apart from being the most consumed drink in the country, is also excellent for use in the kitchen. Both meat and fish dishes are made with it since it gives that bitter touch while sweet and enhances the whole of the dish.

Today I propose you some black beer chicken thighs, excellent and very smooth. The beer that I have used to make the dish has been artisanal, unpasteurized and with a complex and rich aroma with notes of licorice and very warm.

Ingredients for 4 people

8 chicken drumsticks, a couple of onions, two 33cl dark beers, oil, pepper, salt, 250 g of long rice.

Crafting black beer chicken thighs

In a saucepan or in a very hot pot with a little oil, brown the chicken thighs well until they are all toasted. We reserve them on a plate.

We cut the onion finely and in the same casserole we fry it slowly until it is soft. If necessary we can add a little beer.

We put the chicken pieces back in the casserole and cover them with the beer. We cook it until the chicken is soft and the juice has reduced a good part. During this time we have to go around the meat so that it is done in a uniform way.

We cook the long rice in boiling salted water, drain them and cool.

Processing time | 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


At the time of plating, we will put two chicken thighs in the center of the plate and we will bathe them with the cooking juice and next we will put a couple of tablespoons of rice that we can also put in a flan type mold.

These dark beer chicken thighs are simple and pure in taste. They do not have any seasoning that misleads you on the plate, a sweet aroma with hints of licorice and very tender and juicy chicken.

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