Naia 2008. Verdejo in its purest form


Since its inception, Bodega Naia emerged with the clear intention of positioning itself among the main Spanish quality brands. With the beginning of the century, it was born under the Orowines brand, authentic King Midas wine of the new millennium. Internal disagreements in the management, led the Valladolid winery into the hands of the interesting AV + group without, apparently, the quality of the wine was affected during the transfer.

Rueda is one of the most important areas in terms of making white wines. To speak of Rueda is to speak directly of the Verdejo grape, a frank and friendly grape that, unfortunately, is sometimes manipulated, stretched and distorted so much that it ends up being practically unrecognizable.

The Naia is a pure Verdejo, it smells and tastes like Verdejo, and the 2008 vintage is a forceful vintage that ends up offering us an old-fashioned Rueda, with the three efes, easy, fresh and frank.

On the visual side, it is presented with attractive deep yellows, the distressed iridescence so made in Rueda overlaps the natural color of the wine, making it even more attractive and bright.

On the nose it is very frank and varied. This diversity of nuances is a compendium of classic essences present in the Verdejo grape: Initially, the citric nuances, of white fruit (apple and pear), yellow (pineapple and plum) and stone (peach and apricot) stand out behind them, the battery of leave vegetables (freshly cut grass and fennel) and light floral notes.

In the mouth it is fresh, round, succulent and unctuous. It presents a remarkable acidity that ensures a light and cheerful entry and an intense mid palate culminating in a fresh bitter finish.

Naia 2008

Winery: Naia

Area: Rueda
Grape: Verdejo
Wine: Young white
Price: 7 Euros
Score: 8

Directly to the Paladar l Palacio de Bornos
Directly to the Paladar l Ossian

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