Christmas in Catalonia, typical dishes

All regions of the country have their own customs and traditions when it comes to celebrating Christmas. In Catalonia, which is where I am from, two of the best known Christmas traditions are, putting a shit in the Bethlehem and the fer shits uncle, two clear examples of Catalan humor.

Referring to gastronomic traditions, we also find some differences with respect to the rest of the country. It is not very traditional to celebrate a big dinner on Christmas Eve, although in the last 40 years this has been changing, thanks to migratory movements, which brought people from other parts of the country as well as from abroad. Here it is celebrated especially on Christmas Day and Saint Stephen's, which is also a holiday.

Any celebration begins, as in almost all places, with assorted appetizers or starters and taking advantage of regional products, typical sausages, ham, prawns, prawns, olives, etc.

Tradition and family at the table

The Christmas Day meal is reserved for the family, so it's up to the moms, the teats, the godmothers and the ave Catalan, spend the whole morning preparing the escudella, the carn d’olla and the galet soup, in addition to any of these other dishes, stuffed chicken or capon, baked turkey, orange duck, roast lamb or baked fish.

And since on Christmas day it is inevitable that there are remains of meat and, the “seny“The one we like to boast so much about prevents us from throwing anything away, the next day for San Esteban's meal at any table we find the traditional and exquisite cannelloni.

In other dinners and lunches that are celebrated during these dates, such as New Year's Eve, the dishes are much less traditional, leaving a space for modern and innovative cuisine.

In the desserts, of course you can enjoy nougat, polvorones, neules and some Christmas trunk. And on Three Kings Day, few houses lack the Reis tortell, with its crown, with its surprise jpgt and with its faba.

To help spend so much food and taking into account the land in which we are never missing the cava. During desserts and after dinner, we enjoy excellent sweet wines such as mistela.

Your suggestions of traditional dishes

I am sure that I have missed hundreds of dishes that are only traditional in certain regions or towns, and with which you have raised and without which, for you it is not Christmas, if you want to share it with us, do not hesitate to do it through the comments.

Photo | Okatai - Flickr and Rosaydani - Flickr
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