Nibias 08. High mountain white wine


This Nibias 08 is the first white wine made in the prominent Ibias area, in the western part of Asturias. The variety chosen is the white albarín, a grape destined to do great things on Asturian soil.

The winemaking is carried out by the French winemaker Gregory Pérez, who has settled permanently in Bercian lands, first working in the Luna Bebéride winery and later with his own project, in the Mengoba winery, which this time collaborates with the Asturian winery Chacón Buelta to get a more than correct white wine. Gregory is one of today's young winemaking figures, called to do important things in the future.

The Chacón Buelta Winery is one of the six that currently operates under the name Vinos de la Tierra de Cangas. Víctor Chacón Buelta always opted for the production of white wine, which is why with the new millennium he planted three hectares of white albarín grapes on the steep slopes of Ibias, but he soon realized that he would make a wine like the one he wanted It was harder than I thought. After unpromising beginnings, he came into contact with Gregory Pérez and from that union came the wine that we put on the table today, one of the few 1800 bottles that the winery sold as the first vintage of high mountain wine.

The Nibias is an atypical, personal white, it is a wine fermented in wooden barrels and that ages for 9 months in the barrel in contact with its lees and of course, it is striking how well the albarín withstands prolonged contact with the barrel of wood.

The result is a white wine with a marked straw color.

On the nose, of medium intensity, there are fresh aromas of fruit, citrus, apple, some pineapple and ripe stone fruit, light smoky touches and some spicy notes reveal its aging nature and its aging in wooden barrels.

In the mouth it is unctuous, honeyed, pleasant, with excellent acidity that gives it freshness and reduces its significance. It is a correct wine, well made and well finished, to be enjoyed, without the burden of complex pretensions.

Nibias 08

Winery: Chacón Buelta Zone: Wine from the Land of Cangas Grape: white albarín Wine: White with aging Price: 18 Euros (oh my God) Score: 8

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