Nests with scrambled vegetables. Recipe


And it was time to put the brioche I made to use, a brioche closer to bread than the typical brioche that melts in your mouth because it is all butter. Today I have filled them by making nests with scrambled vegetables.

The brioches give it a sweet touch due to the sugar in the bread and soft due to the touch of butter. A very original way, I think, to eat scrambled eggs. And a very original scramble to eat in good company.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 1 grated potato, 8 eggs, 2 garlic, 1 red pepper, 1 green pepper (optional), 2 chives, 8 brioches, olive oil and salt.

Elaboration of the stuffed nests

We can buy the brioches or we can make them. It is a good method to refine our bakery technique. In any case, we cut a lid on the brioches and empty them with great care not to break them. We can do it perfectly with our hands. We reserve it.

Then we make the scramble. The onion can be cut very fine or julienned. We cut the peppers lengthwise in julienne. We chop the garlic finely. And we wash the potato, peel and grate it.

We put everything together to fry in a saucepan for about 15 minutes. The purpose is to soften but not brown. At this point we add the eggs, lightly beaten and raise the heat, stir until the desired set point is achieved.

Now it only remains to fill the brioches.

Processing time | 30 minutes Difficulty | Easy


The bricohe nests with scrambled vegetables can be served as an aperitif perfectly. In that case we will count one egg for every two people and divide the rest of the ingredients proportionally. We can also serve it perfectly as a unique first or as a garnish.

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