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Nigella Lawson is one of those cooks who have become quite an international celebrity. Perhaps in our country it does not reach the fame of other British chefs, but it is undoubtedly increasingly present thanks to the broadcast of its cooking programs, its website and the publication in Spanish of its works. In this case I present you one of my favorite books that unfortunately has not yet been translated, but that every Christmas lover should have, Nigella Christmas.

It is a beautiful book dedicated to Christmas cooking published in a high-quality format, ideal for making a jpgt these holidays. Large in size, hard cover, excellent paper and full of full color photographs, this work is a tribute to the Christmas spirit. You can see the author's love for the holidays and above all, for the family meals that surround her, and it is easy to catch that enthusiasm by turning its pages.

The chapters of Christmas

Nigella Christmas is divided into nine different chapters, each one dedicated to a specific theme of the Christmas festivities, but moving away from the clichés. In fact, the headlines are sought with a certain originality and humor, like the one that starts the book, The More the Merrier ("how many more better"), dedicated to cocktails, canapés and small plates for a catering of many guests.

In addition, Nigella dedicates space to the first courses and side dishes, with recipes for soups, salads, vegetables, potatoes and various sauces, always with vegetarian options and also thinking of the little ones. Then in The Main Event ("the big event"), offers several ideas to prepare complete menus according to the number of diners, facilitating the task of calculating portions.

It is in this chapter where the author devotes her great attention, and it is not surprising that the pages are printed in red, to stand out well. Nigella gives a few preliminary tips to avoid being overwhelmed, and then she offers us a schedule so that we can learn to organize ourselves well. As a good Briton, Nigella dedicates a special section to the preparation of the traditional roast turkey, but she also gives other main course options and different fillings and garnishes.

Sweets could not be missing in a Christmas book, and thus numerous recipes for varied cookies, candies, chocolates and also more elaborate desserts, such as cakes, cakes and biscuits, are collected, with many of the typical British preparations of these dates, such as the mince feet. In addition, there is a chapter dedicated to jpgt ideas, with recipes for sweet and salty preserves, homemade alcoholic beverages and other sweets, with tips for wrapping them.

Finally, Nigella closes her Christmas bible with suggestions for preparing a festive Christmas brunch at home, and even adds a couple of "healing" recipes to recover the stomach from possible gastronomic excesses or to combat the inopportune colds typical of this time.

Nigella Lawson's unmistakable style

Journalist and literary critic Nigella Lucy Lawson soon rose to stardom from the great success of her first cookbook publications. Since then he has contributed to numerous media and quickly became a great recognizable face in Britain thanks to his television shows, but I will always stick with his written works.

What I like about his cookbooks is that he doesn't just give recipes. Nigella always usually accompanies her works with extensive introductory chapters and there is no recipe that does not include a previous comment and tips and ideas on the sidelines so that we can modify each one to our liking. I really like the closeness it transmits and how it is personally involved in each of the dishes it offers us, increasing the value of all the recipes and transmitting the feeling that even the most novice cook can make them.

A book valid for the whole year

With this title it is clear that Nigella Christmas is an especially appropriate book for the Christmas season. However, I recognize that it has been useful to me on numerous occasions throughout the year, since, except for some specific recipes, most are valid for any other something special event that we have to organize at home.

This is largely due to the fact that many of the recipes that Nigella teaches us draw directly from British traditions, so they are dishes that we do not have to limit to Christmas. In addition, many of the recipes are ideas for celebrations with family, friends or as a couple, which we can adapt without problems to other circumstances. For example, the tiramisu cake can be a great dessert at any other time of the year.

In short, if you are Christmas lovers, followers of Nigella Lawson or just want to have a good book something different with festive ideas for celebrations at home, Nigella Christmas is an excellent purchase, and it can be a magnificent jpgt for the Three Kings. Don't be put off by the fact that it is only available in English since this author's language is always very simple and close, suitable for almost all levels.

Nigella Christmas

Nigella Lawson Editorial Chatto & Windus 978-0-701-18322-6 Approximate price: € 25-30

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