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Philips presented its novelties last week, and within the open days a special meeting for bloggers was organized in which a good number of colleagues were able to see first-hand how much has been presented at the house this year. There are several areas in which Philips is present, we focused our attention on the home range, specifically on everything that has to do with cooking and eating.

We could divide what we bring you today into two parts; one refers to the decorative and service aspect, and the other enters a technical and working field, entering fully into the kitchen to process food. In the first section, we could see a series of objects with a slightly futuristic air, which, taking advantage of LED technology, offer the possibility of presenting food and drinks in another way.

We saw, within the Lumiware Range, objects with LED lights that are easy to charge by induction, which do not need to be connected while they are being used: luminous coasters that change color reflecting the light on the glasses, an ice bucket or a fruit plate that projects the light on the table.

We had the opportunity to see the well-known range of Senseo coffee machines up close, which, adapted to the taste of the Spanish consumer, make short and concentrated coffees. This range brings a novelty, the Senseo Quadrante coffee maker, which changes the rounded shapes of its sisters to serve from a rectangular body, in a more minimalist line, available in red or black. Along with this new model, they also launch two varieties of coffee: Viennese and Irish, which add to the classic range already existing in collaboration with Marcilla.

In small appliances, the Premium Range stood out, devices that share the same aesthetic, bodies in black with light touches of red: kettle, toaster, kitchen robot, mixer, coffee maker and juicer. The blender caught my attention, due to its large entrance hole, a very necessary detail when preparing juices, as it saves time and inconvenience.

But among all these small appliances, the one I liked the most was the HD4418 Grill Plate. It was inevitable that I would look at it, since for me the iron is an essential element in my kitchen, I always have one in service, and I use it every day, it is never stored.

Therefore, there are two characteristics that few irons meet and that for me are essential: that they have an aesthetic that is easy to integrate into the kitchen, and that they are easy to disassemble and wash. The Grill Plate HD4418 meets these two conditions perfectly, the grill plate and the removable tray can be easily washed in the tap or the dishwasher, while the design is friendly and compact, and can be placed horizontally when not in use. uses.

Finally, baby food was present with two products designed for the little ones: The Philips Avent combined steamer and blender and the Trumman children's tableware. The steamer is a very basic looking appliance, created to prepare baby food. In a first phase, it vaporizes the food to later beat it, simply changing the orientation of the glass. The advantage is that it is not necessary to change the container food during the entire processing and requires less handling.

The Avent children's tableware has been developed by a child psychologist to stimulate the baby's feeding through learning. For this, shapes, colors and numbers can be appreciated on its edges, and on its background there are drawings of animals.

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