Our best 21 recipes with bacon (to enjoy using this ingredient)

Today I want to suggest that you take a look at our best 21 recipes with bacon to enjoy using this ingredient. For any foreigner, bacon is a basic ingredient at breakfast time, but in Spain we tend to be more sweet than salty except when we have breakfast in a hotel. In any case, in addition to being able to eat eggs with bacon, this ingredient has many possibilities as you will see now.

In general we usually associate bacon with recipes fast food Or use it as a complement in sandwiches, hamburgers, pizzas and other recipes. In other countries, - perhaps because the quality of bacon is much better, leaner and less fatty - it is consumed in many recipes, both for breakfast and for main courses. Without further ado, these are our best recipes with this ingredient.

Original recipes with bacon

Bacon jam

If I had to choose an original recipe with bacon, I would definitely choose the bacon jam that Minue made years ago and which is an original condiment to use in sandwiches, mini burgers and sandwiches.

Individual pancakes with potato, leek and bacon

Another very original recipe that is out of the ordinary is this of the individual pancakes of potato, leek and bacon, which you can serve at snack time as a rare snack and that everyone likes very much.

Bacon-filled bread ears

Finally, these bacon-filled bread ears are fun and can be dosed very well so as not to overdo it with the quantity. Here you can see this magnificent recipe by María José that you will undoubtedly love to offer at the next aperitif or family gathering.

Eggs with bacon

Cloud eggs or souffle eggs with bacon

It is the turn of another classic, the recipes that combine eggs and bacon. Beyond the usual scrambled eggs, we love other original breakfast recipes, such as the baguette baked with cheese, egg and bacon, or in individual cupcake-size individual egg tarts and mini-size bacon or, if you want to incorporate vegetables , I propose you some beans with quail eggs and bacon, always delicious.

For when you really want to surprise everyone, our recommendation is cloud eggs or sufflé eggs with crispy bacon salt, a recipe without any fat that a couple of years ago was the revolution on Instagram and other social networks, or the tartitas de English breakfast containing bacon, sausage, cherry tomatoes, and even classic cooked beans or baked beans.

Bacon sandwiches

Pear, gorgonzola cheese and bacon sandwich

Among the recipes for bacon sandwiches, without a doubt the one I like the most since the first time I made it is the pear, gorgonzola and bacon sandwich, a combination full of contrasting flavors and textures that I repeat every time I want to have dinner something different and exquisite.

Arugula and bacon sandwich

Also delicious are the rocket and bacon sandwich, very simple and simple, or the most complete and famous of all sandwiches, the Club House Sandwich also known as the Club sandwich that you have surely made on more than one occasion using our easy and delicious.

For mythomaniacs and the bravest, there is another very famous sandwich made with bacon, the famous Elvis Presley sandwich, which combined bacon with peanut butter to make their favorite sandwich which is, believe me, surprisingly good.

Potatoes with bacon

Roasted potatoes stuffed with egg and bacon

Potatoes are highly appreciated when combined with bacon, especially in recipes made in the oven. Good proof are the potatoes stuffed with egg and bacon that you have on this paragraph, or the also exquisite potato wafers with egg and cheese, perfect for the appetizer or combined with mushrooms, as in this potato, mushroom and bacon gratin.

Fast food: Pizzas and hamburgers with bacon

Chicken, mushroom and bacon pizza

Bacon does very well in the oven, which leaves it very crisp and practically fat-free and therefore is an excellent ingredient for pizza recipes. On these lines, one of my favorite pizzas, the chicken, bacon and mushroom pizza, which I recommend for one of these nights before parties and family celebrations.

Homemade hamburger with bacon and cheese

We could also have chosen the eggplant and bacon pizza, equally delicious, or if we think about hamburgers, nothing as classic as the bacon cheeseburger or, in Spanish, the cheese and bacon hamburger.

Stuffed bacon rolls

Chicken thighs stuffed with mushrooms in bacon rolls

Bacon, given its flexibility in raw, is also great for wrapping other ingredients, forming rolls. Thus, we have made a few recipes over the years En Directo al Paladar, among which are the minced meat rolls filled with Carmen ham and cheese.

We also love the chicken thigh rolls with mushrooms and bacon that you have in the image that heads this section. These turkey breast rolls with bacon and vegetable sauce are also very rich, to solve a quick dinner without giving up the flavor.

I hope that after seeing this world full of possibilities you have come across some of our best 21 recipes with bacon. Of course, tomorrow I'm going to make some cloud eggs for breakfast. and you?

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