New Google Maps update highlights restaurants serving food delivery or take out during pandemic


Google continues to update its applications to reinforce its role as a restaurant prescriber, one of the few businesses in which it continues to have competition, thanks to portals such as Tripadvisor.

If we open Google Maps right now we will notice a new function that was not there before: the application highlights two new buttons, with which you can search for restaurants that serve food "at home" or "to take away."

When pressed, the application shows us all the nearby restaurants that are operating these days, and in what way they serve the food, along with comments about their dishes and, if possible, the menu.

Information not verified

As usual, Google does not edit content, but only shows the information that users have uploaded, so it is common to find restaurants in which there are hardly any photos or comments, and when trying to see the menu we can find almost anything.

Google Maps itself indicates the restaurant's phone number and allows access to the website of the establishments or the different delivery managers directly from the application.

The objective is common to the entire strategy of the company: that while you are on the internet, you spend as little time as possible outside of Google.

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