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Some time ago I heard about the "Miguelín Guide" and it sounded to me as if we were talking about a comic movie. But far from the simile that we can do with the well-known Michelin Guide, here we are talking about a guide with its own name and above all where it seems what is done.

The author is Miguel Casas and he likes to eat and that is what he tries to reflect in his guide. When we open this book we forget Michelin stars, lost food critics, and the like.

His fondness for good food dates back 30 years, when Miguel Casas promoted the uses of electrical energy first at Hidroeléctrica and later at Iberdrola. Business relationships forced him to eat out. "Going to renowned sites was silly, I would propose the little bar that I knew and people would leave delighted," he recalls.

All these recommendations were kept in a booklet, with the names and addresses of the restaurants where, in his opinion, they ate well. In the end he took early retirement and encouraged by his friends decided to take out the guide.

Good cuisine, cleanliness, the friendliness of its owners and value for money have prevailed."Eating well in a renowned restaurant has no merit", declares this lover of traditional cuisine and defender of raw materials. It does not mean that the selected premises are cheap, precise. At the moment, it is preparing the fourth edition, which will come out at the end of the year and will include price references.

Most of the 245 restaurants included in the Miguelín Guide are in Madrid and its community, although there are also some in Segovia, Toledo, Alicante and Cádiz, its hometown. The author has divided Madrid into four zones, each one accompanied by a perspective map by Pedro J. Villeta to facilitate the location. For each restaurant, provide the address and a brief explanation of why you recommend it. For example, from Here ... Jerez, Miguel Casas adds that you can have 'a good cabbage and fried fish, as God intended'. Those that are special include a miguelín, a caricature of the author dressed as a cook, also by Villeta.

The Miguelín Guide can be found in the Al-Hakan bookstore (Virgen de Nuria, 7. Madrid) at a price of 10 euros and in Elisa ([email protected]), for 15 euros. The author would like to attract the interest of a large distribution chain to reach a wider audience, although the experience has been pleasant enough. "I have not won a penny with the guide, but I have fun."

Via | Five days Directly to the Paladar | Michelin Guide 2008 of Spain & Portugal

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