The nine best wines to toast this Christmas for less than 10 euros a bottle


The wine and wine tourism specialist Alicia Estrada published for years the guide to The 100 best wines for less than € 10 which, unfortunately, stopped being published in 2019.

Estrada is a good connoisseur of the wines from lesser-known regions and producers that can give the bell at Christmas, as they have a value for money impossible to find in the most popular wineries. And, although he no longer reflects his recommendations for a guide, he has made a small selection of the low-priced wines that he liked the most this year exclusively for Direct to the Palate.

In it we find wines for all tastes: three reds, three whites, a rosé, a sweet wine and a cava, with which to accompany all imaginable Christmas recipes. The texts are by Estrada herself.

Red wines

Clos Lojén, 2019

DO Manchuela. Ponce Wineries and Vineyards.

Little known land, La Manchuela emerges between Levante and the plateau, inheriting the best of each territory. The bobal here prolongs its traditional Valencian reign but jumps from a scene of Mediterranean wines to a much fresher expression of the variety, the result of mild summers cooled by the Mediterranean breezes.

Biodynamic red without extravagances, old vineyard in glass from different farms, worked in a silent and traditional way, without filtering or makeup, an expression of the Ponce family's commitment to narrate in their wine the ancestral relationship with their land. It is a juicy, light wine, full of sweet, spicy red fruit with a wonderful earthy and mineral background.

In a year as complicated as this, we deserve a good wine for each day of this Christmas, glasses full of friendship, shared even through Zoom, essential to realize that the important things in life are not things ...

Clos Lojén 2019

RRP at Bodeboca € 7.50

Viña Zorzal Graciano, 2018

DO Navarra. Zorzal Wines Vineyard

Graciano has traditionally been a variety used to give "grace" to tempranillos and assembly wines, especially in Rioja. At last, these wines are beginning to emerge as solo stars.

This "little bird" from Corella brings all the values ​​of the best Graciano wines and at an unbeatable price: a vibrant acidity to provide a tasty freshness and a herbaceous and bitter aftertaste, very well assembled with the fruit, as well as mineral memories. Nine months in the barrel domesticate the rebelliousness of the Graciano without masking the wine.

With the pandemic, it seems that the world has come to a standstill, turned into an icy cathedral. It is urgent to treat yourself and give moments of heat, as if life exploded in summer symphonies to the rhythm of Graciano.

Viña Zorzal Graciano 2018

RRP at Lavinia € 7.90 PVP at Bodeboca € 7.90

Semele, 2017

DO Ribera del Duero. Montebaco wineries

At the heart of the Golden Mile of Ribera is the Monte Alto estate, clayey and calcareous soils, difficult to work but capable of transmitting complexity and aromatic finesse to the wine that marks all the reds of this winery. The severe continental nature of these lands favors the slow maturation of the fine red, a harbinger of great wines. A little touch of merlot gives it elegance and differential character.

Friendly, fresh Ribera, full of ripe black fruit, toasted, balsamic notes –as if we were walking in the spring of Castilla– and polished and velvety tannins after a year in the barrel.

An excellent wine to take to Christmas tables, it will know how to accompany roasts but will bring freshness. It is drunk from closeness, as one speaks with a friend.

Semele 2017

RRP at Bodeboca € 9.50

White wines

Cullerot, 2019

DO Valencia. Celler del Roure.

In the territory of reds, the surprise of this white wine arises, a melting pot of ancestral Levantine varieties such as merseguera or verdil along with more traditional ones such as Macabeo, Malvasia and even a touch of Chardonnay. The wine is assembled in old jars that slept silently for more than 300 years, thus the clay preserves the soul of the wine and its ancestral connection with the land.

Cullerot is a unique white, it recovers lost flavors, it brings aromas of fresh fruit, hay, damp earth, it has an easy mouth and an adult finish, slightly bitter.

In every kitchen worth its salt there must be a wine reserved for the chef. Cullerot is an excellent moral support to the cook, providing freshness between heats and support for the soul and body, essential for chefs at large Christmas tables.

Cullerot 2019

PVP at Bodeboca € 8.90 PVP at Lavinia € 9.90

Montenovo, 2019

DO Valdeorras. Bodegas Valdesil.

Montenovo is the youngest grandson of a historic vineyard, planted by a dreamer at the end of the 19th century, when after phylloxera in Valdeorras they forgot their traditional varieties. From that unique, patrimonial, miraculous vineyard… the spikes emerge to graft the new Valdesil vines; from here, and from small vineyards of local winemakers.

Montenovo is the most youthful expression of godello, with a very fresh and mineral profile, and a level of acidity that does not scare, highlighting the floral and herbaceous nuances of the variety.

Cunqueiro said and while enjoying a Galician wine, which is not drunk to forget, it is drunk to remember. There are so many friends and so many memories around a glass of wine! It goes for all of them!

Montenovo 2019

RRP at Bodeboca € 10.50

Cantayano, 2019

VT Castilla y León. Isaac Cantalapiedra Viticulturist

There have never been so many good and bad Verdejos on the market at the same time, so you have to take care of the choice of these whites and look for authentic wines, like this Cantayano that reflects the ancestral tradition of the Cantalapiedra de La Seca family. 30-year-old vineyard, high, on poor and stony soils that provide the best expression of the variety.

The Verdejos are austere on the nose, they smell of fennel and hay, with somewhat shy white fruits, but in the mouth they explode in interesting conversations. Cantayano is unctuous, long, mineral and always leaves a bitter memory that invites you to continue enjoying it.

There are soft drink targets and there are compromise targets, this belongs to the second group. Glasses of authentic verdejos, a flat refusal to live in series, although not too seriously either.

Cantayano 2019

Price at Bodeboca € 10.20

Rosé wines

Roselito, 2019

DO Ribera del Duero. Bodegas Antídoto.

Roselito is the little brother of Le Rosé, one of the most emblematic rosés of our country. Made by Bertrand Sourdais, French, from the Loire with a DNA full of tannins, we knew him for bottling the magic of Dominio de Atauta. This is your most personal project.

Roselito is made by direct pressing, without maceration, a mixture of white and red grapes, a wine born rosé from its origin.

Elegant rosé, very French and very Soriano, hint of flowers, slight red fruits; in the mouth it is delicate, refreshing, with hints of chalk, earth ...

Perfect jpgt for a reunion Christmas, hands up, this is a hug! Achuchones that this year we will give sharing flavors and dreaming of roses and wine.

Roselito 2019

PVP at Bodeboca € 9.90 PVP at Amazon € 14.95 PVP at Lavinia € 9.90

Sweet wines

Old Moscatel Farm

DO La Mancha. Old farm.

Naturally sweet Muscat or what is the same, a wine in which both the degree of alcohol and the sugar content come only from the grape and nothing else. To achieve their natural sweetness, the grapes are raisined, sunning them on a natural walkway that in a few days makes the fruit lose water and concentrate honey.

No, it is not a grandmother's muscat, it is a great wine, Castilian, without complexes, dazzling in flavors and aromas, fresh and sweet at the same time, silky as kisses, with nerve, with length ...

Finca Antigua opens with foie, accompanied by a soft blue cheese and claims dessert, prolonging the pleasure and conversation. Here you dream!

Old Moscatel Farm

Family Price Martínez Bujanda € 8.99


Freixenet Malvasía Reserva Dolç

DO Cava. Cavas Freixenet.

On days of celebration, cava and sparkling wines become essential companions at the table and gathering, but it is necessary to differentiate the cavas that will accompany a meal (a brut nature for example) from the cava that will brighten up the desserts.

Freixenet Malvasía is a very unique cava, made with an ancestral variety that provides a very good level of sugar. He has spent 72 months maturing in silence. It offers a fine bubble and brings back memories of childhood days: roasted apple, dried fruits ... but it is sweet in an adult way, without cloying, providing a silky freshness.

On stormy days, a good cava for dessert helps to dance in the rain, with a glass in hand and always good people. Never share good wine with a bad person!


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