New turkey, mushroom and avocado chorizo


A group of Mexican researchers belonging to the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) have developed a new chorizo ​​that, judging by its ingredients, can be a delight for the palate, turkey meat, avocados and mushrooms. The idea was not to create a gourmet snack, the new chorizo ​​is subject to the need to develop foods that are healthy and do not predispose to overweight and obesity.

The ingredients used have been selected for some of the properties they contain, rich protein content (vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids) and low fat content. The fat that a chorizo ​​can traditionally provide has been replaced by avocados, as we know avocados are a great source of healthy fatty acids, we already talked about this in the post, avocados are a source of health. The idea is also to promote the consumption of turkey meat among the population, which today mostly consumes pork or chicken meat, for now, the tests carried out seem to indicate that the new product may have a good degree of acceptance among consumers . The tastings carried out by some people have been satisfactory, indicating that the new product has a taste very similar to traditional chorizo ​​and is also pleasant to the palate.

Now it will be necessary to wait for an entrepreneur to decide to invest in the new product and create a company for the production. Health is essential in the food issue and the development of new foods is essential, although unfortunately, some customs and flavors are deeply rooted and possibly many people do not even want to hear about turkey chorizo, arguing that it is not chorizo ​​and that it does not contribute the same flavor as the traditional sausage.

Via | La Crónica More information | National Polytechnic Institute More information | National Polytechnic Institute (Word press release) En Directo al Paladar | Avocado, a source of health

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