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That Spanish cuisine has international prestige is unquestionable and this makes our chefs recognized and valued throughout the world. With a beautiful solidarity project, and taking our kitchen as our flag, in February a new cooking program will hit the screens, Cocineros por el mundo.

This program will have twelve episodes that will be broadcast monthly, the protagonist being a different chef each month. The programs will be recorded in eleven countries of the world, starting in one of the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai and ending in Spain.

In each program, a chef will prepare a special dinner for about 400 people who will pay an approximate price of about 450 euros to support with the collection, a solidarity project of different NGOs.

The programs of about 40 minutes of duration will show the difficulties of the cooks when preparing each menu in the countries especially when it comes to getting some ingredients. The intention is that they prepare Spanish dishes with ingredients bought there, so there may be some complications in customs, especially in countries such as Russia, Japan, the United States, Mexico, Brazil or New Zealand, among others.

We still do not know which solidarity projects they are going to support in each of the programs, but the first of them is being decided by popular vote on their Facebook page. The project is really attractive and has a great team of cooks and support staff.

Both chefs and technicians will do everything possible to make the program a success. I certainly am looking forward to seeing it because in the presentation of the program I was able to breathe the humility, enthusiasm and affection that everyone has put into this project, as well as perceive that they are already a pineapple, a very united group.

With this team, our Spanish ingredients, good cooks and a lot of enthusiasm, I am sure that the Cocineros por el Mundo program will be a success. Now all that remains is for other mysteries and surprises to be revealed. On what channel will they broadcast it? After the February program in Dubai, who will be the next chef and to which country will they go next? At the moment they already have me very intrigued.

Images and More information | Cooks around the world on Facebook En Directo al Paladar | The Granada Educa Foundation and its volunteer chefs united to combat the need En Directo al Paladar | Solidarity Easter egg thanks to Mama Framboise and Carlos Jean

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