Obese and thin we have different brain responses to food


Just a couple of days ago, a study was published in the medical journal The Journal of Clinical Investigation, a study in which they stated that obese and thin people have different brain responses to food, which had been verified by brain scans that people thin people are able to resist the temptation to eat high calorie foods much better than obese people.

These scans show that thin people have more activity in a region of the brain used for impulse control than obese people. Researchers at Yale University Scholl of Medicine, who have carried out the research believe that it is basically biological reasons, which make people control their desire for food.

Fourteen healthy volunteers participated in the study, nine obese and five thin, they underwent brain scans, while they were shown photographs of high-calorie foods, healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and non-food items, two hours after eating.

Their blood sugar levels were manipulated and tested, both when they were normal and when they were low. They found that when blood sugar levels were low and they looked at pictures of high-calorie food, certain regions of the brain triggered the desire to eat and the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for dampening appetite signals, slowed down. But when blood sugar levels were normal, the study subjects showed increased activity in the prefrontal cortex.

This chemical process was different in obese subjects and in lean subjects. After this first study, a much larger one will soon be carried out, which it is hoped can help to understand and combat.

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More information | The Journal of Clinical Investigation
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