Eight mistakes I no longer make when making homemade pizza and a trick to reheat leftovers


Making pizza at home is relatively simple, but many times our pizza is not perfect and it is because we make beginner mistakes. Over the years, my technique with pizza has evolved and today I want to tell you about eight mistakes that I no longer make when making homemade pizza and a tip to reheat leftovers that will surely come in handy.

Some will surprise you and others seem very obvious, but sometimes, it's the small details that make the final result change. If you want to complete this post with your personal experiences, your tips and tricks, leaving them in comments, it will be perfect for everyone.

1. First mistake: using frozen, refrigerated or pre-cooked dough

Making our own pizza dough is easy and fun

Making pizza dough is very simple and there is a big, or rather a huge difference between using our own pizza doughs or using industrial brands. It does not take anything to make the dough and we can also keep it frozen later if we want, for future uses. In addition, we can make traditional dough or try 13 other doughs on original pizza bases, thus adding variety to this dish that we like so much.

2. Exceeding the amount of tomato is a classic mistake

On the basis of the pizza, the normal thing is to put a tomato sauce, be it a passata, a tomato paste or a fried tomato sauce. But you don't have to go overboard with the quantity because it can over-moisten the base or dough of our pizza, which will then be too soft and we won't get the desired crunchiness of the base.

3. Loading the pizza with a lot of ingredients is not cool

We do not like pizzas in which you have to fight to find a piece of meat or pepperoni, but we do not like those that are so loaded that the heat from the oven does not reach the base and they are somewhat raw in the center, especially under the the slices. They are those pizzas that when you bite into a portion, the ingredients drain, and they are like naked, because it has not been cooked well.

In addition, if we start adding by adding, there comes a time when the pizza loses its coherence and it is not known what it is or what flavors are the central ones. I recommend you make the pizzas with a maximum of four or five different products, and not load them too much. Better to eat another extra slice, than to fill up on the first slice of a pizza that isn't rich because it's too loaded.

4. To use or not to use mozzarella, that's the question

Not all cheeses produce the same melting effect on pizza and long ago my partner Liliana explained to us in detail that mozarella is the best option and cheddar the worst. If you want to add other flavors, such as blue cheese for example, do not do without mozzarella as a cheese base, and add the blue cheese or whatever you want to use as if it were another of the ingredients of the topping or coverage. One combination that never fails is the five cheese pizza.

5. Baking pizza with the cold oven ruins your pizzas

With a stone base the pizzas are much better

There are several keys to making the pizza crisp on the base and yet juicy on the surface, and the main one is baking the pizza. You do not have to put the pizza to cook until the oven is hot. We recommend that you do it with the maximum power you can, above 225º and after a long warm-up.

To achieve a professional result, it is very good to use oven stones, which if we have it very hot before putting the pizza on top, will make a perfect and crunchy base.

6. Always making the same pizza tires everyone

Pear, ham and gorgonzola cheese pizza

The grandmothers say that little is liked and very tiresome and they are right. If we always make the same pizza or do not vary, it is likely that at home they will tire of our pizzas. That is why we publish a compilation with a different pizza for each day of the month, so that you can find all kinds of pizzas, classic, modern, original and with combinations of flavors that you will undoubtedly like and surprise everyone.

7. Don't just make meat-based pizzas

Also use pizza recipes with fish

Most of the pizzas that we usually find are meat pizzas, made with a ham topping, with chorizo, with chicken, or with minced meat, etc. and we often forget that pizzas with fish are surprisingly rich. A good example are the bonito and anchovy pizzas or the Norwegian salmon pizza with dill.

8. Not everything goes when it comes to making pizza

We like pizzas so much that many times, we see grotesques in curious formats like the ones we tell you here when we say that not everything can be turned into pizza. When you want to eat pizza, it is better to make classic pizza and be original with the ingredients or combinations and not so much with the format.

Trick: How to reheat pizza and make it almost like freshly made

When there is pizza left over, the task of reheating it is important because putting the pizza in the microwave and giving it to heat up for 2 minutes does not work. Reheating it like this, makes us get a base that is a kind of sliced ​​bread covered with something that melts or has burned.

To reheat a slice of pizza it is usually better to give a touch in the microwave (30 seconds) so that the coating is not cold and while heating a pan with three drops of oil so that it is very hot. When removing from the microwave, we put the portion in the pan for three minutes so that the base will be crispy again. You'll see how much better that way.

With these eight mistakes that I no longer make when making homemade pizza and the advice to reheat the leftovers, you will surely be looking forward to making pizza today for dinner. We hope you find all these suggestions useful.

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