Ossobuco in a red fruit sauce in Porto. Christmas recipe

At Christmas we can take advantage to prepare dishes with products that we do not usually use in our daily menus, and the most carnivorous have a lot to choose from without having to invest too much budget in the purchase. The ossobuco is a piece that has a good presence on the table and with this sauce of red berries in Porto it is a more than worthy dish for the holidays.

In my case I have cooked the meat in a fast pot because it is much more comfortable and faster, but it can be done without problems in a traditional pot, lengthening the cooking time over low heat. At home we are fond of rustic sauces throwing thick, but each can adjust it to their liking when crushing, even straining it to make it much finer.


For 1 people
  • Ossobuco 1
  • Wheat flour
  • Shallot 2
  • Berries 75 g
  • Red wine 100 ml
  • Port wine 50 ml
  • Meat broth 100 ml
  • Granulated garlic
  • Fresh thyme 1
  • Ground black pepper
  • Brown sugar
  • Salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil

How to make ossobuco in a red fruit sauce in Porto

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 55 m
  • Elaboration 5m
  • Cooking 50 m

Make a few cuts on the outside of the ossobuco so that it does not bend too much during cooking. Season with salt and pepper and flour lightly. Heat a little olive oil in the bottom of the espresso pot and brown the meat well on both sides. Remove when well marked and reserve on a plate covered with aluminum foil.

Add the chopped shallots with a pinch of salt and cook over medium heat until transparent. Add the red berries, thyme, granulated garlic and a pinch of pepper. If we use frozen fruits, cook over high heat until they lose the ice. Add the red wine and the Port and let the alcohol evaporate.

Return the ossobuco to the pot, add the broth and cover. Cook under pressure for about 15 minutes, or over normal heat for about 40 minutes, checking the meat's point and the liquid level. Remove the ossobuco, crush and adjust the texture to taste. Check the acidity point and add brown sugar if necessary.

With what to accompany the ossobuco

We will serve the ossobuco with its garnish, for example a homemade mashed potato that goes very well with the red fruit sauce. We can decorate with previously reserved currants and add a little more thyme if we especially like its aroma, as in my case.

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