The (other) 13 best cheesecakes and how to accompany them to turn them into a fetish dessert

The cheesecake one day robbed the carrot cake of its leading role in the menu of the vast majority of restaurants and cafes. Fashion came to us first in the American style, until recipes were imposed that follow in the wake of the famous vineyard-style cake. But it is not the only one, nor does it have to be the best.

Let's open the melon once and for all: a cheesecake is no longer perfect for spreading the inside when cutting it. It is not an omelette -which would be the optimal curd level for long debates- and it does not have to remain raw. That said, there are many styles of cheesecakes, with textures and flavors to suit all tastes.

If in the menu card we see that the English term of cheesecakeWe should expect this to be a reference to America's pie style, although it is not a rule that is always followed. Since varieties of this cake exist practically all over the world, using the Anglo-Saxon term meaninglessly denotes pretentiousness, lack of interest or pure ignorance.

To claim that you don't like cheesecake is to venture too far and reject a possible inexhaustible source of pleasure. Unless you reject the sweet world in general or have some kind of phobia, there are recipes so different from each other that surely there is one made for you. Or maybe your destination is salty cheesecakes.

In any case, today we lower a little from its pedestal to the Viña cheesecake to recover other of our favorite recipes, elevating your presentation with different ideas to serve them. Because even the best dessert can be improved with the right accompaniment.

Classic cheesecake

Before the Viña tart and other similar ones became fashionable, this is the most typical recipe repeated in many homes and also in restaurants and cafes without pretensions. A biscuit and butter base, a filling with cheese spread and cream, and a jam topping: the classics do not fail.


For 8 people
  • Digestive cookies 18
  • Melted butter 150 g
  • Cream cheese at room temperature 450 g
  • Liquid cream to assemble at room temperature 220 ml
  • Egg at room temperature 4
  • Sugar 75 g
  • Lemon or lime zest (optional) 1
  • Raspberries to taste

How to make classic cheesecake

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 1 h 10 m
  • Elaboration 20 m
  • Cooking 50 m
  • Repose 30 m

We make the base by mixing the butter with the crushed cookies, and the zest. Once the mixture is done, we cover the bottom of the round pan where we are going to make the cake, and we put it in the fridge so that it hardens with the cold.

We preheat the oven to 180ºC. To make the filling, beat the yolks of the eggs with the sugar with the rods until they blanch. We lightly mount the whites and incorporate them. We also add the liquid cream and cream cheese and mix well until there are no lumps.

We take the base out of the fridge and fill it. Bake by lowering the temperature to 170ºC for 50 minutes. We turn off and let the cake cool, first in the oven and then in the fridge. We decorate the cheesecake when it is cold.

With what to accompany it

The classic homemade cheesecake calls for a good layer of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry or wild berries jam, better if it's homemade. We can extend it as it is, in a dense layer, or dilute it a little over the fire with water, straining it later if we want to avoid the seeds or lumps, serving it in a sauce boat so that each diner accompanies it to their liking.

As a contrast that lowers the sweetness, it is a good idea to crown it with somewhat acidic fresh fruits, such as raspberries from the same jam. Delicious with a coffee with milk or a glass of sweet wine.

New York cheesecake or New York style

The most iconic of American cheesecakes is characterized by its base of digestive type cookies or graham crackers and a dense but creamy texture, well curdled but mellow. Although there are also versions with a Genoese-type sponge cake base, the biscuit base is the most popular and has crossed borders the most. In addition to Philadelphia type cheese, it is completed with cream or sour cream, and usually has an acid touch.

With what to accompany it

Forest fruit jam has been imposed as a basic topping, but to dress it much better, nothing like a glazed fruit sauce. In the United States they often use a can of cherry dressing to cherry pie, but it can be easily done by cooking fresh or frozen red fruits in a simple sugar syrup, twice the volume of water and a little cornstarch diluted in cold water to thicken.

Käsekuchen or German-style

German cheesecakes have also been influenced by Anglo-Saxon culture, but they tend to clearly differ from cheesecakes and there are also thousands of variants depending on the country or region. The most classic form is baked, with a quark or schmand filling - a kind of very thick cream - in addition to the typical vanilla pudding mixture in an envelope that helps give consistency.

With what to accompany it

With or without a base, the German tart is often served with no more topping than sifted icing sugar, or some red or seasonal fruit is added on top. The jam is somewhat more recent and of American influence, they tend to like fresh fruit mixes more, or in a sauce or glaze version.

In any case, apricot jam is more traditional than red fruit jam. But a very typical and delicious accompaniment to the creaminess of the cake is a streusel based on cold butter, flour and sugar, like the one in this recipe or this one with almonds.

Japanese-style cheesecake

The Japanese version of this cake follows the line of Japanese pastry that adapts western classics. It is a slightly spongy cake, very soft and fluffy, delicate and light. With few ingredients and no base whatsoever, it's a perfect fresh treat for a dessert that's not too heavy or gooey.

With what to accompany it

In order not to stain its delicate fluffiness, it is best to decorate it only with some sifted icing sugar, perhaps using some template to form a beautiful drawing, and, if perhaps bringing fresh red fruits with mint leaves to the table, which will add color. Those with a sweet tooth will also want a portion of good whipped cream, without making it too firm. And to drink, nothing like a hot matcha tea or in its cold version.

Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate lovers can also afford to enjoy the cocoa version of this dessert. The truth is that this cake is a delight that does not spoil when using dark chocolate, and do without bases that subtract protagonism from the flavor of baked creamy and smooth cream.

With what to accompany it

To further enhance the chocolate, nothing like sprinkling it with sifted cocoa powder and adding a bit of fleur de sel or flaked salt just when serving. We can accompany it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and an intense espresso coffee, which enhances the flavor nuances of the dessert even more intensely.

Pumpkin cheesecake

Perhaps more appropriate for autumn, the pumpkin cheesecake is another variant that lovers of this dessert have to try. With the roasted and well-drained vegetables we will have a fantastic mixture to enrich the cheese filling, enhanced with the aromatic flavor of the typical spices of these cakes.

With what to accompany it

This variant cannot be accompanied with red berries or anything similar. That is to say Yes you can, but they do not make a very appropriate pairing. If we are very sweet, it would better combine a caramel, toffee or light vanilla sauce, whipped cream with a touch of cinnamon, or some more dairy and neutral ice cream, such as the always infallible vanilla or cream, or also a little very dark chocolate molten. To accompany, a cappuccino or, better, homemade pumpkin spice latte.

Cheese and carrot cake

Another amazing variant that fuses two typically American desserts is this fabulous carrot cheesecake, ideal to surprise guests. The base is a thin layer of traditional carrot sponge cake, which pairs wonderfully well with the creamy cheese filling, in this case with mascarpone. Both merge during baking creating a spectacular dessert.

With what to accompany it

The forcefulness of this cake calls for a light accompaniment that refreshes a little; Although strawberry jam is an easy resource, we can simply choose fresh fruit, chopped and marinated in orange juice, another flavor that goes very well with the flavors of the cake.

Adding cream, ice cream or caramel would curl the curl too much, although a mince of walnuts or other nuts would be a great icing that will also provide a crisp texture. To drink, nothing like a simple glass of cold milk or a vegetable alternative that is very aromatic, such as almonds or hazelnuts, with a touch of cinnamon.

Crème brûlée cheesecake

American pastries come to the happy meeting of French tradition with this other fabulous dessert that is well worth investing in a kitchen torch. We could really apply the burnt cream treatment -imitating also to the Catalan cream- to our favorite cheesecake recipe, since it is only about sprinkling with sugar once it is rested and cold, to burn that layer well until it caramelizes it.

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With what to accompany it

Obviously, in this recipe we are not going to add any jam topping, or fruit sauce, or caramel, or chocolate. At most we could bring to the table a selection of acidic and fresh fruits, such as fresh currants or raspberries, although it is better to pay attention to the pairing of the drink. An espresso or carajillo coffee would be a good accompaniment, but also a sweet Muscat-style wine that is floral and slightly spicy.

Nutella cheesecake without oven

The work of the fabulous Nigella Lawson, author of numerous cookbooks and protagonist of various British television programs, this oven-free version is an absolute delicacy. We could make it with any other spread chocolate cream, but it is essential that it has a very creamy texture and a deep hazelnut flavor.

With what to accompany it

Undoubtedly sweet, but with the unmistakable touch of roasted hazelnut, this cake must be served well rested but letting it lose the excessive cold of the fridge. The coarsely chopped roasted hazelnuts are its best crown, being able to add some almonds or walnuts to complement it. A little orange or coconut zest would do just fine, too.

This cake must be enjoyed without any other accessories on the plate, accompanied by good fresh coffee on the table or with a cold version that refreshes the palate if temperatures rise. If we want to add some fruit, the banana is the best option. Instant healthy ice cream, or its smoothie version with a little milk, will be the perfect marriage for a snack.

Cheese cake with bacon from heaven

Not suitable for palates that pack easily, the cheese cake with bacon from heaven is however a temptation for those with a sweet tooth. It is actually a good alternative for those who find this sweet from a lifetime excessively sweet, as the cheese part softens and balances the whole. It is a cake to consume in moderate portions and to taste without haste all the nuances of its aromas and textures.

With what to accompany it

Again we dispense here with the most typical accompaniments to give all the prominence to the cake in its maximum purity. One option could be to mount quality cream without adding anything, no sugar, so that its neutral flavor reduces the sweetness of the dessert. As a pairing, a later vintage wine, sweeter, like a Riesling-style ice wine would go well. For stronger stomachs, nothing like a good herbal liqueur.

Mascarpone Cheesecake

The popular Italian cream cheese, the base of tiramisu, provides fantastic texture and flavor for a softer, more balanced cheesecake. This recipe is one of the simplest and we flavor it with lemon, a citrus very common in recipes of this type with Italian airs. It is so delicate that it asks to be baked in a bain-marie, thus leaving the base more tender and integrated.

With what to accompany it

Since it is a very creamy cake, we can accompany it with something crunchy that provides contrasting textures. The same crushed cookies, sprinkled on top, will give a delicious touch, already placed with the cold cake so that they do not soften. Another great option would be granulated or rolled almonds, briefly toasted in the pan without oil. The flavor of the dried fruit makes a delicious match with the mascarpone cheese.

And to curl the curl and add more color, a red berry coulís will be the infallible cherry. If we are in season we can also make it from plums, of any variety, or we can use grapes, cherries or figs. To pair, nothing like an Italian marsala wine or a little amaretto.

Dulce de leche cheese cake

The Janoko restaurant recipe is surprising because one expects it to fish in excess of sweet, but when tasted it reveals a delicate and not at all cloying flavor that almost becomes addictive. They are few ingredients but they do not need anything else to create one of the richest versions of this cake, with the unmistakable toast color and its caramel aroma.

With what to accompany it

Despite everything, it is a very caloric and sweet cake, so you have to be moderate in the accompaniment. A simple touch of fine orange zest and small leaves of fresh mint will put the perfect finishing touch, enhancing the flavors of the cake and refreshing the palate so as not to tire. The best pairing is an unsweetened coffee, alone or with milk, or some black tea or digestive infusion that settles the stomach.

Very light cheesecake

For sweet treats but that do not break the diet too much, or simply to enjoy a lighter cake when we do not feel like very heavy and empathetic desserts, this light version can be ideal for the warmer months ahead. If we use liquid sweetener suitable for cooking we save all the calories from sugar.

When using skim dairy it is important to drain them very well so that they lose almost all the excess water.We could reduce the amount of cornstarch plain Greek yogurt - Greek of the real one -, or add some gelatin.

With what to accompany it

Obviously it wouldn't make much sense to pair this light version with calorie or heavy garnishes. It is best to bet on quality fruit, which we can sauté or roast to enhance the flavors, a technique that works very well with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pears, blackberries, figs or apples. Also the orange or tangerine well peeled and passed through the plate is transformed, better with a touch of cinnamon.

If we prefer a more traditional topping, we can use strawberry jam without sugar, or a homemade compote with some neutral gelatin, or using chia seeds to thicken it. If we prefer the touch of cocoa, we can melt dark chocolate without sugar and serve it warm with the cake already very cold, and another option is to sprinkle it with reduced orange juice and strain, as a syrup.

A Moorish tea without peppermint or mint sugar, very cold if the weather is good, is the best pairing that is also digestive and very refreshing.

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