Other 5 tips to lose weight in a healthy way for this summer

The other day, taking advantage of the arrival of summer, I gave you 5 tips to lose weight in a healthy way, avoiding miracle diets and without stopping eating, well, today I'm going to give you another 5 (as in the previous case in no order) taking advantage of the acceptance that the first post had.

  1. Have an aperitif 20 minutes before eating: with it you will calm your appetite and avoid binge eating when sitting at the table, the 20 minutes is because it is proven that it is the time it takes for the stomach to send the feeling of satiety to our brain.

7. Combine the diet with some exercise: it is true that the diet is effective to lose weight, but it is much more effective if we combine it with a good exercise plan, also with it we will improve the firmness of our skin, prevent certain kinds of illnesses and feel better about ourselves.

8. Go to a professional: if you have already tried repeatedly and have not managed to lose weight, you may have an underlying problem such as an anxiety or thyroid problem, going to a professional will help you on the one hand to clear those doubts and on the other to make a totally controlled diet, they usually have better results.

  1. Do not eliminate any food: eliminating some food or type of food, such as stopping eating fats or carbohydrates, things that are advocated by the so-called miracle diets, does not usually have positive consequences, but quite the opposite. Our anxiety level increases and we are more prone to bingeing, so follow the best advice that can be given to lose weight, eat everything, but a little less.

10. Try to eat at home: many of us in a hurry tend to opt for the menu in the office or the restaurant downstairs, it's not that it's bad, but the truth is we have a much harder time controlling what we eat when we do it outside, we don't know what they put on them, we have fewer options when choosing, etc.

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