Landscapes created with breakfast cereals


The food industry has been giving different products with striking shapes, colors and names for many years, especially those foods that are intended for children. Cereals are the best example of this, we just have to take a look at any supermarket to verify it. It is this variety of shapes that has inspired artist Ernie Button to create a series of landscapes based on breakfast cereals.

Under the name of Cerealism, the American author offers us a series of photographs in which he recreates natural landscapes and human constructions using different types of cereals. For a greater sense of realism, each work appears against an authentic sky background, photographed in Arizona, the artist's homeland.

Button claims to have been inspired for this project by his own personal experiences with the world of cereals. During his childhood, his family could not afford to buy the most famous cereals among children on a regular basis, and as an adult he has not been able to avoid analyzing the variety of these products for breakfast.

Commercial cereals seem almost more of a diversion than a nutritious food, in attractive forms and full of sugars and dyes. On the opposite side are cereals for adult consumers, which stand out for their fiber content, ocher in color and more "boring" to the eye. It is these last cereals, with a simpler aspect, that reminded the artist of the forms of the landscapes of his region, the desert Arizona, with large extensions of barren land.

With Cerealism, Ernie Button experiments with the idea of ​​play and the creativity of children's imagination using adult cereals for his creations. Although it is not a protest work, it does suggest that we reflect on the nutritional value of these popular products and the way they are advertised, especially for children.

The nutritional richness of many of the most consumed cereals is more than questionable, but we cannot deny that they have become an element of popular culture, with striking names and recognizable pets that seek to capture our attention. But without a doubt, Button shows with his cereal landscapes how with a little creativity you can turn any product into an artistic work.

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