Yogurt and currant pannacotta. Recipe

Although the classic pannacotta is made with cooked cream, today I bring you a much lighter version made with natural yogurt and accompanied by fruit, yogurt pannacotta with currants. Its very smooth texture blends perfectly with the acid of this summer fruit making it an ideal dessert for summer.

Of course you can vary the fruit for another of your choice, but I recommend if you do not have currants, choose another slightly acidic red fruit such as raspberry or blueberry to notice the contrast of flavors that I was talking about.


For people
  • Milk 375 ml
  • Plain yogurt 500 g
  • Sugar 200 g
  • Vanilla bean 1
  • Gelatin powder 10 g
  • Gooseberries 100 g

How to make yogurt and currant pannacotta

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 20 m
  • Elaboration 10 m
  • Cooking 10 m
  • Repose 8 h

We will start by pouring the gelatin powder in a bowl over 125 milliliters of milk. We stir with rods and let it rest for ten minutes so that the gelatin dissolves completely.

We put the rest of the milk in a saucepan and scrape the vanilla pod inside it. Add the sugar and heat over medium heat until it dissolves. We separate from the heat and add the milk and gelatin mixture, stirring until mixed. We return to the fire again and cook for five minutes. Separate again and allow the mixture to cool for ten minutes.

While we put the yogurt in another bowl and add the milk with the gelatin straining it, and stirring gently. We distribute it in six ramequins and let it curdle a minimum of eight hours in the fridge.

With what to accompany the pannacotta of yogurt and currants

I recommend the pannacotta of yogurt and currants to consume very fresh and accompanied by natural fruit. You can also add to the bottom of the ramequin before adding the pannacotta mixture a few tablespoons of some red fruit jam to your liking.

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